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Chipollino music

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Hi, :)

After coming across a website with photos of a ballet called Chipollino, I became interested in acquiring the music of this ballet. However I cannot seem to find a cd I can buy online, so I was wondering whether anyone knew of any site where it was possible to buy this cd. (which ships to Europe, since i'm European).

(I hope this kind of question is allowed)

Thanks a lot :)

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If I'm transliterating from the Bolshoi page correctly, the composer is Karin Khachaturian, who wrote Cippolino in 1973. Here's a page I found by Googling him:


Edited to add: I couldn't find any recordings by Karen/Karin Khachaturian on either amazon.co.uk or fnac.es. The only recording that isn't by Aram Khachaturian is a Rostropovich recording of a piece for cello.

Perhaps this is available in Russia? Does the Bolshoi have a gift shop?

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