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Dinner before the ballet

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I'm going to Midsummer Night's Dream on 4/21 with my buddy Connie. It's Mommy's Night Out for her, so (with apologies to parents out there) she really wants someplace kid unfriendly where she can have a grown up meal. Chinese food and sushi are out as well. I've been to Tria and liked it, as well as Sahara Grill, but looking for someplace a little different and within an easy short walk from the theater.

Any recommendations?

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How about Tequila's? On Locust near 16th, just behind the Academy a couple of blocks. It has a wonderful atmosphere and great authentic Mexican menu. For an adult atmosphere, Brasserie Perrier, French cuisine, located on Walnut St. near 16th. We frequent Roy's which I think is on 15th near Sansom. It is Asian Fusion cuisine with a tropical decor. All are walking distance from the theatre. There are more......I could go on

I will be seeing this show as well! Great cast. Looking forward to it :thumbsup:

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I'd echo Brasserie Perrier -- great French food, more casual than Perrier's other restaurant, Le Bec Fin, but still elegant. Too bad Chinese is out -- Susannah Foo's is amazing, very upscale pan-Asian type of place. The Striped Bass has great seafood, also a beautiful space. I haven't been, but a friend who lives in Philadelphia loves Alma de Cuba. It looked very "scene-y" -- four of us tried to have dinner there one weeknight this winter, but they were full.

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