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Firefox Problems

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This site is apparently optimised for Internet Explorer and doesn't display properly with other browsers. In particular, I am having problems with Firefox (I have version 1.0.7). Among other things, the link for logging out is non-existent. And the link for contacting the moderators/administrators that is described in the help section (which is the 'lp' section for me) is also non-existent, which is why I needed to open a thread and bore everyone else with my problem.

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I've been using Firefox exclusively on both my PowerBook and ancient Dell desktop for at least a year, and I've never experienced the problems you describe with the site. Unfortunately, I'm several thousand miles away from my desktop and can't check the version I'm running.

To contact an administrator, there is a "contact us" link at the top of each page, between "Blogs" and "Ballet Talk for Dancers."

I'm sorry you're having problems with the site, but from my experience, they're not linked to Firefox itself. I will check my Windows version when I'm back home next week.

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