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Piano/Full Scores

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Lately I have been trying to obtain the piano scores of a few ballets and I can't seem to find them anywhere. I have looked over the internet and have been to a few stores like Allans in search but they seem to be out of print or non-existant. Could anyone tell me if the following ballets in piano / full score are available for purchase to the public?

1. La Bayadere (Minkus)

2. Paquita (Minkus, et al.)

3. Coppelia (Delibes)

4. La Sylphide (Lovenksjold)

5. Le Conservatoire (Paulli)

6. Graduation Ball (Strauss)

7. Sylvia (Delibes)

8. La Source (Delbies, Minkus)

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I can at least share some information re the two Bournonville ballets. Like most of the Danish ballet (and other dance-related) musical heritage, it is only a very small percentage that has appeared in print for orchestra (scores and/or parts) – and many of the published piano-editions have been out-of-print for decades.

However, the good news is that the Danish Royal (national) Library has made PDF-type scans of some of the published piano-editions from their Bournonville-collection available for non-commercial use at their web-site - http://www.kb.dk/index-en.htm

An extensive piano-edition for La Sylphide can thus be found at http://img.kb.dk/ma/bournon/df145-01.pdf

For Le Conservatoire however, only a selection for piano is available, although it includes much of the original music – at http://img.kb.dk/ma/bournon/df187-01.pdf


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It must be remembered that "Graduation Ball" was selected and arranged from various works by Johann Strauss, Jr. by Antal Dorati. Dorati died in 1988, so his works are almost certainly still under copyright protection. There was a "suite" containing about five numbers from the score published in 1941, but that's the only piano score I know of the ballet per se.

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odd things show up on ebay, where i acquired a piano score for SYLVIA and another (for four hands, i'm told, it's all in russian) of LITTLE HUMPBACKED HORSE. (this last is from mid-19th c. and still has a dedication page in it to muraveyva, the first Tsar Maiden.)

i find thise useful, as in the case of SYLVIA for the little stage, mime, etc. indications included.

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Paquita, Ballet-Pantomime in Two Acts, Grand Pas Classique by Marius Petipa; and Nuit et Jour, Allegorical Ballet in One Act, by Marius Petipa -- Piano Score

Ludwig Minkus
Editor: Robert Letellier
Cambridge Scholars Publishing: April 2010
ISBN13: 978-1-4438-1940-4
ISBN: 1-4438-1940-9


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