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  1. The Anna-Marie Holmes version of La Bayadère, conducted by Kevin Galie' using his reorchestration, is now available on CD, mp3 and streaming, on all of the usual sites, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, etc. This recording is with the Evergreen Symphony Orchestra of Taiwan, the same orchestra that recorded the Anna-Marie Holmes versions of Le Corsaire, the Laurencia Pas de Six and the Camargo Harp Variation used in Paquita. They can also all be obtained from CDBaby.
  2. Evergreen Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Kevin Galiè, has just recorded the beautiful and very hard to find Girl's Harp Variation from Paquita. It was originally from the ballet "Camargo", but is danced in Paquita, Act II, Scene II, in Anna-Marie Holmes' version. It is also danced in Don Quixote. It can be downloaded at cdbaby and is titled: Paquita, Act II, Scene II, 8.4: "Girl's Harp Variation from the Ballet La Camargo" Here is a link to hear an excerpt or to purchase the download: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/evergreensymphonyorchest3 It is also streamable from all of the usual online sources.
  3. They are based in Taipei, Taiwan. We used them 6 years ago for a recording of Anna-Marie Holmes version of Le Corsaire and it was a huge success.
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    Piano/Full Scores

    If you are still looking for piano scores for Bayadere and Paquita, they are available from danceables.com.
  5. A new piano rehearsal score of the complete ballet, in two acts and three scenes, of Paquita, by Edouard Deldevez, with additional music by Adam, Delibes, Drigo, Gerber, Minkus, Pugni, Tcherepnin and Zabel, with extra variations. Arranged by Kevin Galie, Editions Anna-Marie Holmes. This includes all the variations. It is available from Steven Mitchell at Danceables (www.danceables.com) for $50. It is the same high quality, spiral bound score as Galie's Le Corsaire, La Bayadere, and Flames of Paris. ,
  6. Hi - I have just run across your posting from a few years back. If you are still looking for a Le Corsaire CD, there is a new recording, the Anna-Marie Holmes version, as danced by ABT and many others. It was recorded in January 2011 with the Evergreen Orchestra and has just been released. It is the complete ballet in three acts, directed by Kevin Galiè, using his arrangements. You can get the 2-CD set, or download individual tracks here I hope this helps. Kellie
  7. Hello everybody - the definitive recording of all three acts of Le Corsaire, the Anna-Marie Holmes version (partly inspired by her mentor Natalia Dudinskaya), which ABT and a lot of other companies do, has just become available in a 2-CD set, or as a download. You can find it here. This was recorded in January, 2011, by the Evergreen Orchestra of Taiwan, with Kevin Galiè directing his revision of the score. Holmes paid great attention that all of the tempi are correct, and even offered alternate tempi for the bigger variations in an appendix to the CD. It seems that this is the only commercially available, non-pirated, professional recording of the complete ballet, including the Russian interpolations as most modern companies perform it.