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Several people have emailed me, asking if I know if this or that video exists. I thought it might be nice to put up a place for people to post such questions. If there's a video expert out there who would like to volunteer to moderate this panel (which means you'll post answers to the questions) please let me know.

Then if someone has a copy of the video and wants to lend, send, or exchange it with the poster, details can be arranged through email.

NOTE: This forum is NOT intended to facilitate the exchange of copies of commercial videos, and we would remind you to do so would be illegal. (And dangerous. There are few enough dance videos anyway, because they don't sell quite as many copies as "The Titanic." We want to buy videos to support the dance video industry.)

But there are performances that were televised, and it is permissible to make a copy for personal use of such performances. These are the videos to which we refer.

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No, I don't want to moderate, but I'll put in the first request. I've already stated it in my other posts. I'd like a copy of a commercial TV presentation of Royal Ballet's "Sleeping Beauty" with Merle Park, and also a copy of a PBS presentation of ABT's "Sleeping Beauty" with Cynthia Gregory (I have a bad copy of the latter and would like a clearer one). There are many other TV offerings of which I'm not familiar (I was taught never to end a sentence with a preposition). I remember Peter Martins and Kay Mazzo dancing (in leotards or something like that) to music played on a piano on stage. I'm not sure how we'll work out the mechanics of these exchanges. I'd be willing to pay for the tape and postage; I do not have the means to copy a tape myself.

Giannina Mooney

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Hi, Giannina. I'm going to move your post (the old-fashioned way, by copying it) and call it Sleeping Beauty tapes. I think each request for a tape should be made a new "topic." (For example, if someone wants a Sleeping Beauty tape and also some Giselle tape, it might be best to post two notices: one called Sleeping Beauty and one called Giselle. Or Sleeping Beauty - Gregory, or Royal, or something that makes it easy to identify.)

If this gets going, we all may be more aware of what's available.

BEWARE for those of you who don't know this: European and American tapes are NOT compatible. Some European VCRs can play American tapes, but not vice versa, unless you get a special machine.

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What about commercial tapes that are no longer available? Or available only in Europe? I'm interested in any of the Dance in America tapes, except the ones released recently by Nonsuch. Or those recent Royal Ballet galas that are shown on BBC. -- Dale

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Actually, I would be interested in helping to moderate this board. I know quite a bit about the copyright of video tapes and such, as I am an avid movie/film buff as well as a dance enthusiast. I have a semi- ok collection of dance videos as well... But as far as answering the question about videos no longer in print. As far as a video in PAL format, if it is not availiable in the US you still must purchase a copy and then have it transfered into NTSC. But if a US made film is no longer in print it is permissable to copy it... but only if you do not sell it. In order to sell it you would have to have permission from the director or distributor of the film.

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Most modern video machines will play both PAL and NTSC tape formats, so Ballet videos I purchase in the US will play perfectly back in the UK. I only discovered this while reading the small print in the instruction manual (when all else fails read the instruction manual).

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