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Top 10 reasons why Robert Tewsley isn't dancing.

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Not being one to waste time working when I could be engaging in the lastest Ballet Alert parlor game, "Where's Robert?," I feel a moral obligation to add my own contribution to the speculations which have appeared on the Nutcracker thread (but first let me dispel the rumor that De Luz will be replacing Bart Simpson as the spokesperson for Butterfingers candy bars).

Surely we can do better than blaming the flu or the weather! I couldn't come up with ten (help me out folks, please!), but here are my suggestions, in no particular order:

8. Abducted by aliens.

4. Waiting in line for the first showing of Return of the King.

3. Understudying Hugh Jackman in The Boy from Oz and forgot to tell Peter.

7. Locked in dressing room by Philip "Here I come to save the day" Neal.

5. Used T-Mobile to call the rehearsal/casting number.

1. Woke up backstage at Covent Garden saying, "oooh, what a dream I had."

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This topic is cute, but I was there at the VALSE-FANTASIE when Tewsley was injured mid-performance and there was nothing cute about it. Four of my favorite dancers are presently on the "injured list" and if it's frustrating for us, the fans, think how the dancers must feel. When your whole life is about moving and you're forced to be still, it must be devastating. And then there's the long road back, trying to regain your previous form. Recently Weese and Ansanelli came back from severe injuries and both are dancing very well. The career is short enough as it is, but enforced "down time" must be a dancer's worst nightmare.

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oberon, I understand that people are upset when dancers are injured and dancers are upset when they are injured. They are often hurt by speculation, and that's why we try to keep speculating to a minimum. I'll try to get what I can about Tewsley, just give me a few days. I think Manhattnik is only gently poking fun of the bit of hysteria and speculation that accompanies our concern. Sometimes a dancer's absence is simple and innocent.

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Hysteria? WHAT HYSTERIA?! :)

One of the problems with on-line forums is, you can't always get the tone of what is being expressed. If we were all at Starbucks sitting around chatting about "missing" dancers nothing would seem hysterical in the least. Remarks that seem a little melodramatic in print would, in conversation, be just passing remarks.

It's not like I'm pacing around my apartment worrying whether Robert is injured, sick, abducted or otherwise...

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Manhattnik maybe I do not understand this kind of humor about the absence of Robert Tewsley. Fact is that he was injured almost the whole past season. Fact is also that a dancers career is very short. Mr. Tewsley is about 32 or 33 years old, which means, if he really should be injured again, his body shows its limits. Well, I really hope it is nothing serious and he will be dancing again very soon.

I can not imagine that he did not perform because of the bad weather or because of any transport problems. The audience found its way to the theater too!

Robert Tewsley once said in an interview that he is always rather too early than too late at the theater when he has to perform. He is profi enough to take care for being at his work-place in the right time.

Mr. Tewsley has not been blessed with good luck since he has joined NYCB.

I wish him all the best!

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