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Andy Veyette

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Can any of you tell me if you've seen Andrew Veyette in performance lately, or know of how he's doing? I remember he was so promising as a student (Wein award and all), but every time I look at casting on the website, I am disappointed not to see his name. Any news?

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My memory is getting a bit foggy, but I think Veyette didn't dance for a long while last winter & maybe spring 2002, and remember wondering if was sick or injured. However, he was dancing a lot last spring and summer!! I particularly remember him as part of the outstanding cast of 'Piano Pieces' and as one of the asses in Wheeldon's "Carnival of the Animals"!

As for now, I don't see him on the cast list for any of the solo roles, but it's quite likely that he's dancing in just about every performance in the corps. There are so many talented male corps members right now, and only so many casts for each role.



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Thanks, Uncle!

City Ballet followers are well aware of Andrew's steady progress. It seems reasonable to conclude from your screen name that he is one of your pride-inducing nephews, and Francis in Pennsylvania Ballet the other.

Welcome to BalletTalk!

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You are correct. Thank you for your special comment.

I just spent a week with both gentlemen in Saratoga Springs.

FYI, both are healthy and Andrew enjoyed a number of masterful performances at the SPAC (Saratoga Performing Arts Center).

Again thanks for your comment and the great job you all do with Ballet Talk.


Proud Uncle Of 2

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