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  1. The black and white theme doesn't thrill me -- but I do love that NYCB makes a regular effort to update their site. I wish some of the other major companies would pay their websites as much attention.
  2. Lots of new faces!! Congrats to Torrado, Yudenich, and Veyette on their promotions, as well as to the apprentices who've moved into the corps de ballet. Can't wait to read reviews of the new season! Also noticed a few who are missing. Don't know if they've retired or just moved on, but here's wishing them all the best!
  3. I'm looking forward to seeing that casting, too. For that matter, I'm still hoping to see a press release regarding new dancers, promotions, etc. for PA Ballet.
  4. Episode 3 is up, and includes interviews with Darci Kistler, Jock Soto, Albert Evans, Gina Pazcoguin, and Peter Martins.
  5. Maybe try calling the ticket office at the ballet studios?
  6. Ah well -- thanks anyway. I've always admired the music for those ballets, and was just hoping....
  7. Does anyone know of either Les Rendezvous or La Source on video?
  8. True -- even though they are on the nice, big Academy stage, the scenery can eat up quite a bit of dancing room.
  9. The Giselle in rep is quite traditional as well. It's a nice production! Honestly, the choreography of their Sleeping Beauty is not always my favorite. (Poor Lilac Fairy has to do that awful fouette arabesque, tempsleve series at the end of her variation.) Some of the other fairy variations are a bit uncomfortable, IMO. But the dancers are sure to be good nonetheless, and the sets and costumes are fantastic!! I'm wondering if Tamara Hadley will be Carabosse.... She's great in that role. (Gloria Govrin also performed that part when I was there!!)
  10. And prior to that, the Rinko-Gay girls, and their dancing brother hailed from north Houston!
  11. I really hope someone will see and report on Andy and Amar's debuts as Cavalier!!!
  12. I took her class several times in the '90s, but that's as close as I can get. Sorry....
  13. Just noticed on the PA Ballet website that Jen Smith has announced her retirement. I always thought she was such a lovely, clean dancer. I wish her all the best with whatever comes next, but I know she will be missed!
  14. Courtney Hellebuyck -- not a name I recognize. Is she perhaps a new apprentice, or PABII dancers? Thanks for your reviews, lillianna!!
  15. http://www.eif.co.uk/video/ Here's a link to the Festival's website, with two very short clips of Swan Lake. (Hope I do this correctly!)
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