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Petipa's The Daughter Of The Pharaoh

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Out of all of Petipa's "lost" ballets, this is the one I would like to see revived. I don't think it has been performed since the early 1900's. Is this correct?

How would one go about reviving a lost ballet? If notation of the ballet is available I assume that would be a big start. What other resources would you use?

In one of my ballet books is a picture of Michael Mordkin as Ta-Hor and Anna Pavova as Aspicia that has fueled my imagination of this ballet. It seems to have had many on the qualities that make me love La Bayadere so much; exotic locales, fanciful costumes and stretches of pure classical dance. Any additional information on this ballet would be appreciated.

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Pierre Lacotte revived it for the Bolshoi three years ago with Nina Ananiashvili as Aspicia. Petipa's choreography was mostly or completely lost, so this version is Lacotte after Petipa, antique imitation being his specialty. It is a wonderful spectacle, and I believe is about to be taped for French television with Zakharova.

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doug could more accurately say how much of the petipa prod. can be found in the harvard/stepanov notations.

as i understand it, far more of the old ballet's choreography can be re-staged than what lacotte chose to do.

regarding mordkin, if he was in gorsky's prod. it was somewhat changed by the moscow choreographer from what petipa had arranged, and among other things the leading character who was called aspicia in petipa's version was renamed bint-anta in gorsky's. so perhaps that's the role pavlova danced opposite mordkin, unless he was guesting opposite the ballerina in st. petersburg.

a good start to retrieving and then staging any of these historic works would be to translate into english the various books in russian that deal w/ them at some length.

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Sergei Vikharev, who was responsible for the new "original" versions of Sleeping Beauty and La Bayadere at the Kirov, has gone on record that he would like to stage a production of Daughter of the Pharaoh using the Sergeyev/Stepanov notations.

The Lacotte version will be seen in Paris in January and possibly in London in the summer when the Bolshoi appears at Covent Garden.

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In A Concise History of Ballet by Ferdinando Reyna I see that Petipa created "La Fille du Pharaon" (his first work), for the last appearance of Carolina Rosati.

I've always been interested in "La Fille du Pharaon" because of the Kschessinska/ Balanchine connection, and I've been interested in Rosati because it is my understanding she replaced Grahn in "Pas Des Deesses" after the first few performances.

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