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Department of Semi-Recent History

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in advance of the upcoming re-staging of SYMPHONIC VARIATIONS, identified by NY Public Library for the Performing Arts as follows:

Symphonic variations

Chor: Frederick Ashton; mus: César Franck (Symphonic variations for piano & orchestra); scen & cos: Sophie Fedorovitch. First perf: London, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, Apr 24, 1946, Sadler's Wells Ballet.//First U.S. perf: New York, Metropolitan Opera House, Oct 12, 1949, Sadler's Wells Ballet.

this glimpse of its past comes in the form of an unidentified,undated photograph. though the dancer is unmistakably Anthony Dowell.

[my guess might be that dancer in the background could be Michael Coleman (or maybe Gary Sherwood?), but that's only a guess.]

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Do they make them like that any more?

Actually, Dowell wasn't first  cast by any means -- hardly even born yet -- but can anyone have been more beautiful in the role?



Bowing :blushing:

Thank you, Robert. That is THE most beautiful photo of Dowell I've ever seen. I also like the energy of it -- quiet, but he's not a marble statue. It's gorgeous!


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Well now I know why my arthritis has been bothering me lately---I saw that first U.S. performance--FYI the rest of the program was--'The Rake's Progress', 'Facade' and 'Hamlet'.

One afterthought to the above---all four ballets were shown for the first time on October 12, and Fonteyn had leading parts in all but 'Facade'.--Amazing :sweating:

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