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Plans for a new school

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I have been told that the Pennsylvania Ballet is planning on a new school of their own "soon". :D

If anyone has any insight or if the newspapers in Philadelphia run any stories, please be sure to post!

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Not any longer...and has not been for some time. The exact date of the change is something I don't know. I do know that the two entities still share the same building but that there are changes coming.

There are many that are quite interested in this and eager to learn more as soon as possible, that I do know. :D

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There was a story in a Philly newspaper about PABallet looking at real estate in Center City. It was a few months ago I believe. The property being viewed was an old theatre in need of major renovation. It was located much closer to the Academy of Music were PABallet performs.

The talk seems to continue about the company moving its headquarters and that it will include company offices as well as several studios and costume storage. PABallet leases its home space now (from the Rock School I am told ). Evidently, the lease will end in a couple of years. From what I have read, they are looking for a new home. Whether it will have its own school sounds very probable. Maybe I can find the article......... :D

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All I can say on the subject is that even several years ago (about seven now) when I was a full-scholarship student at the Rock, and dancing in nearly every series the company did, there was a huge amount of tension between the two entities. Even back then there was quite a bit of talk that the company would be selling the building to the school, and then moving out. Don't know what started the tension, but I know it got loads worse the minute that the school fired Gloria Govrin. (I was in the wings ready to go on for Giselle that night, and all of us that were students were so shocked we must have performed horribly!) All I can guess is that, like any relationship that goes sour, the school and the company now have different priorities.

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Can you shed any light on what kind of classes have been offered for adults in recent years there? I was there for several months in late 1989, and when I called for class information, I was told that adult classes were offered on a sporadic basis -- that one had to call the school each day and find out if a class was being offered that day/evening and who was teaching it.

I then opted to take adult class during that time with the Phil. Civic Company -- quel disaster. That's how I finally came to take class instead with Gwendolyn Bye at the university there. My philosophy overnight became "It is better to take a great modern class than a terrible or even mediocre ballet class."

I think that must have been a rather dark period for the Penn. Ballet. I recall going to a lackluster performance there. No orchestra either. And the whole atmosphere didn't have that sense of excitement and wonder -- you know, something to dress up for.

This was the period just following the schism between Milw. Ballet and Penn. Ballet -- a very short-lived alliance.

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Adult classes are held Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays. Eva Szabo teaches on Tuesdays, I'm not sure who teaches on Thursday, and Jon Sherman teaches on friday. I believe class is $14, but I'm not sure of the times anymore, I want to say 7PM on Tuesday and Thursday and 6:30 on Friday, but definatly check my facts before you go.

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