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Naked Ballerina?

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Oddly enough, Grace, I'm actually speechless :)!

[Editing to add: Though considering what she did to be fired, I'm not sure such a protest would help her get her job back <_< .]

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Well, Saint Francis of Assisi was brought up on charges, by his parents, no less, of being a vagrant. He demonstrated that he did have assets by taking off his robe in court. He did it another time in a courtroom, too. So, she's either a saint or she just likes to take her clothes off. :)

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Don't you think that it is a sad commentary that she probably made (way) more money in a one day photo shoot than she did for a dance contract for the year?

And don't I recall some comments about an ad campaign from one of the two NYC companies that was controversial recently due to the amout of "skin" showing? Skin sells. Art on the other hand..........

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I don't have my Butler's Lives of the Saints handy, but my recollection of the first matter is that his wealthy parents wanted to snap L'il Frank out of this religious kick and pay for the cloth he had removed from the family shop to make vestments. Francis, already under a vow of poverty, simply took off his clothes and gave them back to his father in open court.

The second is a little less clear in my recall, but it had to do with a city banning mendicant friars and demanding repayment of alms taken. Since the Franciscans had already distributed the alms in one form or another, Francis simply took off his clothes again and offered them to the court to sell.

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Mel, I remember a film about St. Francis called "Brother Moon and Sister Sun", or something like that in which the court scene was depicted. I think Bradford Dillman was St. Francis. Do you recall the film?

As to the naked ballerina---well, as they say---as long as her actions don't upset the dogs. :sleep:

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I was struck by nkflint's comment:

Don't you think that it is a sad commentary that she probably made (way) more money in a one day photo shoot than she did for a dance contract for the year?

Yes. I can see the point that a theater wants its artists to maintain a standard of decorum of which they approve, but firing someone for off-duty behavior that isn't criminal seems a bit behind the times.

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Yes, I remember Brother Sun, Sister Moon, although not in its first run - I was in Korea and points south then. Graham Faulkner was a cute little St. Francis, and the sensibility that Franco Zeffirelli, the director, took, was to try to add "relevancy" to a character who needed no added relevancy. Sort of a Flower Power Saint. :shrug:

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a flower-power saint? : that'd be right for ME, mel! :wink:

about this lady: i actually pondered over nlkflint's comment from a different point of view. mine is that it's a direct statement of the values of our cultures, that posing naked is "WORTH" MORE than all theyears of effort, dedication, pain and struggle which goes into creating a ballerina.

interesting thought, isn't it?


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Nude photos of ballet dancers have been done in the pass, the photographer

Howard Schatz has done three books with nude photos of ballet dancers mostly

from the San Franciso and Smuin (S.F.) ballets. Two of the books waterdance and

pool light were photographed underwater freeing the nude ballet dancer from the

effects of gravity, then Schatz also did Passion and Line.


I wonder if the carears of any of the above women and men dancers suffered

negative effects posing nude for these photos.Modern dance performers are

sometimes in the buff to express their art,but a nude ballet dancer is rare.


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Poor girl, she wanted to make a buck or two, which she probably needed badly...

Was that so bad now? There is a saying in Swedish - it is always impossible to translate such things literally, but here goes: "The shit always fall back upon those who threw it". With time it may well work out like that. In the meantime, I feel sorry for her and I hope it will turn out OK and she can forget this whole very sad business. :mondieu:

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K2356 - the TUTU book of the australian ballet, by greg barrett, similarly included quite a few nude shots, if i recall correctly - BUT - as with mel's examples, these are quite a different matter to a centrefold in a men's mag, aren't they?

the australian ballet also did some shots in a men's mag, of their dancers - but frankly, i didn't think they were very sexy, at all - the bodies were too thin, too angular, too hard-looking, the faces too frank, too purposeful...compared to what men 'usually' choose to look at, in that context.

i'm not expressing an opinion, pro or con, about ballerinas in the buff - i really am not sure what to think... - but i know that any 'artistic' portrayal is really a completely different issue, to this lady's situation.

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