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  1. Attending the Kennedy much less frequently than I would like, I have to admit that I did not notice any difference. But, I do have another issue. The lack of fresh air is stupifying! In fact, sitting in the 2nd tier, section A recently, the air smelled like a dirty vacuum cleaner bag! The odor of dust was a real put-off for me. Sorry if I digress from the artistic to the mundane, but doesn't cleanliness also have an effect on the total enjoyment, (or not) of a performance? Would anyone here be able to enjoy a performance if the costumes were dirty? Has anyone else had this experience?
  2. My daughter and I had the opportunity to see last night's performance. I usually prefer to see more actual dancing, however, I also found the dancers to be charming. It is a lovely story and the 2-1/2 hours went by very quickly. We have never seen this ballet, nor have we seen the Royal Danish Ballet Co., I would definitely try to see them again. This style is quite a bit different than what we have seen before. I'm sure the fact that this ballet was first staged in the 1800's has a lot to do with that!
  3. We live in No. VA, and just got our power back yesterday. Many trees down and part of the county is still without power. We are very fortunate, indeed.
  4. Catlady, I'm personally very glad that you brought this subject up. And, Dirac, your idea is a very good one. As a result I will also write a terse :angry: e-mail t the editor. Thanks!
  5. I heard of his death yesterday. What a sad day. I was not aware that he was even sick. I loved his performance in "White Nights" especially.
  6. Alexandra, My DD just had a master class with Ms. Evdokimova and was moved to tears by her beautiful lines. She thought it was an excellent class in spite of a nagging hip injury. Do you know what her future plans are?
  7. Personally I think she showed great courage. I agree that her colleagues may be misguided in suggesting she shed her attire in court as a protest And I think whoever it was that fired her should get a life!
  8. Sadly, I have never had the opportunity to see Oleg Tupine dance. However, my 13 yr. old son and I were very priviledged to have met him shortly before his death. He showed my son his great love of music and offered words of encouragement in spite of his being quite ill at the time. We will remember him in our prayers.
  9. I can't believe I missed this thread! Does anyone know if it will be playing again in the D.C. area? AAAARRGGGG!
  10. Thank you, Thalictum, for the info. I did think that Korsakova and Gumerova were fairly close in height on flat. And, re: Gumerova, depending on the size of the foot, you might add 6"-8" once on pointe! Marc, thank you for your clarification on Ms. Gumerova's height. My daughter always delights in finding taller dancers!
  11. Mr. Haegamen, Thank you for that info. Actually, he is a little older than I would have suspected. I would love to see him dance again. May I also ask, how tall is Ms. Gumerova? My daughter, who studies dance, is very interested in the careers of the taller dancers, as she is now 5'8". She hopes to dance professionally, as so many of these lovely young dancers do!
  12. Alexandra, I did not mean to cast Mr. Korsakov in poor light. Actually, I found him to be wonderful to watch. I hope to see him again in the future, and I will certainly be on the lookout for his name. A little maturity may be all he needs. I wonder how old he is. I tried to find out some information on him over the web. but was unsuccessful. My daughter and I sat in the back of the theatre, slightly to the right. From our vantage point, we could see every dancer in "Shades" well once they were all on that tiny stage! Perhaps because I see a limited number of ballets each year, I may
  13. Has anyone here at BT seen the 3/15 evening performance? I would love to hear comments on the dancers, particularly Sofya Gumerova, who to me looked almost angry, and Anton Korsakov who looked very young and although a few more inches in height may have made his partnering skills more solid, was a beautiful dancer. He seemed to hang in the air forever, with wonderful height.
  14. Hope you don't mind a late-comer on this thread, but, thank-you Samba38. You responded more succinctly than I ever could have. I'm all for multiple exposures to wonderful music. And, if dressing up a bit and doing a bit of acting-out I think it sounds just fine. Anyone ever heard of Kindermusik? The theory is to get kids doing mock-performing before the age when they become more self-consious. Seems to have merit. One of my children dances, and the other plays violin!
  15. WOW! But still, what is the cost of tickets to the ballet?
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