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What does this forum have to with ballet? Absolutely nothing. At least not directly.

I've been thinking of having a Books Forum, or perhaps a separate Books message board, for some time. I've talked with my favorite local bookseller about doing something in conjunction with them, but the logistics seemed too difficult. Dirac had apparently been thinking on the same lines -- we were emailing yesterday, after the Summer Reading thread -- and so I decided to go ahead.

Two reasons:

1, for the same reason we put up Other Arts. I would like to have a place where people are comfortable discussing things that are not pop culture, and plays, opera, music are part of the context of ballet -- I think it's good for us to be able to discuss these things, to read about what others are seeing, to see ballet as part of that world rather than MTV-land.

2, I want to support books and publishing, and this is the only way I can. Talking about books encourages people to buy them. And while I hope people will buy books through the Amazon Link at the top of the page, if you have a local, independent bookseller, I'd rather you bought from them, because if you don't, they won't be around in a year or two, and everything we read will be decided by two or three big stores.

It's obvious that we have a lot of readers here, so I hope we'll have fun sharing what we read. Please feel free to post reviews -- perhaps we can have a book club (one book a month, whatever), threads on authors, etc.

And thank you to dirac for the nudge :D

Adding a clarification of what this forum is for -- please still post about dance books on Books, Magazines and Critics. We have some threads on biographies of actors or musicians on Other Arts, and that's probably the best place for them, unless you want to discuss them as literature. And please, no books on politics. The No Politics rule applies here, too.

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That's great, Alexandra! I always hoped that such a forum could be established but I was not sure whether I should ask or not because this is mainly a "ballet" - messageboard.

A few people, including myself ;) , have already started threads concerning reading and books, now we know where to post them!

Svenia :)

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A book club? What a delightful idea. Several of us at school have been talking about doing that, including our media specialist. We're just having a difficult time finding a book to start out with -- one that none of us have read yet. Summer vacation is nearly upon us though... it may have to wait until everyone gets back in August.

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I'm very open to having a book discussion -- how we will all pick a book is beyond me, but there is the ever-popular poll. I'm getting out the next Ballet Alert! right now so won't have much time for the next week, but then I'll open a thread for nominations, and we can vote. Participation voluntary, of course.

Perhaps some of the choreographers who read these boards will get some good ideas for ballets from these discussions :mad:

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