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  1. You're absolutely right - in Germany, a campaign was started to encourage reading...hope that it will help! :rolleyes:
  2. In Germany, both art and music lessons are compulsory from grade 1 - 8. The music lessons mainly dealt with music theory and we were also encouraged to listen to and later analyze classical pieces by Mozart or Beethoven. This was always fun because we could bring our own CDs and discuss the music during the lessons. Later on, we also talked about musicals, operas and even pop music. In grade 12 we have to take either music theory, drama, choir or orchestra for one year. Oh, we also had a school choir, but it was dissolved because the teacher didn’t want to do it anymore (our teachers rea
  3. International ranking: Reading literacy: 1. Finland 2. Canada 3. New Zealand 4. Australia 5. Ireland 6. Korea 7. GB 8. Japan 9. Sweden 10. Austria 11. Belgium 12. Iceland 13. Norway 14. France 15. USA 16. Denmark 17. Switzerland 18. Spain 19. Czech Republic 20. Italy 21. Germany 22. Liechtenstein 23. Hungary 24. Poland 25. Greece 26. Portugal 27. Russia 28. Lettland 29. Luxembourg 30. Mexico 31. Brasil
  4. As a reaction to Alexandra’s thread: “Was reading encouraged in your school?”, I’d like to present a research called PISA (Programme for international student assessement), whose results were published in 2000. In this research, the reading literacy, mathematical literacy and scientific literacy of 15 year-old students from all over the world were assessed and compared to each other. As German students didn’t do very well in all the test, a whole campaign was started on how to improve education and boost the results of the children - the whole German school system will be changed in the next
  5. I went to a public elementary school from grade 1 - 4, as every German child does. Sadly, I have to say, that we didn’t read a single book in these 4 years and basically only read stories out of our school books. We did have a little library, consisting of a shelf with 20 books to choose from...and these ones were usually already borrowed by the older students. From grade 5 - 10 at a private high school, the problem was still there: 3-4 German lessons a week mainly packed with grammar exercises and reading out loud from school books, but still no intense study of literature. I do remember rea
  6. I read both, "Anne Frank's diary" as well as "Anne Frank remembered" when I was about 13. It was very interesting to read what happened from two girls' point of views. I recently gave both books to my friend's younger sister who is currently reading them.
  7. I always read different books at a time because I can never decide which one I should read first! There are so many books that I will (have to) read till October, as one of my subjects at university is going to be English. I can’t really say what to expect from these books, I just want to surprise myself and see what’s lying ahead of me. Has anyone of you read Everything is illuminated by Jonathon Safran Foer? Oh well, let’s see: University books: William Shakespeare: Hamlet / King Lear / Macbeth Joseph Conrad: Heart of darkness Paul Auster: Moon Palace Tennessee Williams: A streetca
  8. What a lovely thread... I started reading when I was 4 years old or so and was therefore not allowed to read every book that I wanted to...but I did anyway in my room ;) I first read different fairy tales such as Cinderella. I loved anything by the Grimm brothers and later on, fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen. I can still remember that I was pretty shocked and scared by “The Snow Queen” because of the boy with the splinter in his eye - after reading that one, I put the book away and have been scared of hurting my eyes ever since :eek: ...Today, I am convinced that I shouldn’t have rea
  9. That's great, Alexandra! I always hoped that such a forum could be established but I was not sure whether I should ask or not because this is mainly a "ballet" - messageboard. A few people, including myself ;) , have already started threads concerning reading and books, now we know where to post them! Svenia
  10. Hello! I decided to revive the German ballet companies’ section again. So, here you are: some news from the website of the Munich ballet. "Exchange between dancers of the Royal Danish Ballet and the Munich Ballet One of the world’s most important and most traditional ballet companies, the Royal Danish Ballet, initiates an exchange with the Bavarian Ballet company. As Maria Eichwald and Alen Bottaini have already danced as Manon and Des Grieux in Kenneth MacMillans “Manon” in Kopenhagen, Femke Molbach Slot and Andrew Bowman will dance the roles of Olga and Lenski in “Onegin” in return." By
  11. Hi! I tried to translate the whole article, but please excuse my confusing syntax. I hope you get the gist. ;) Stuttgart Ballet stops U.S.-Tour Reid Anderson cancels all the performances in New York - The war and the scare of SARS interferes with the ticket sales The news came out of the blue: Just on Tuesday afternoon, Reid Anderson of the Stuttgart ballet raved about the way the U.S.A.-tour goes. During a meeting with the company prior to their first performance in Minneapolis, he announced in the evening that he had cancelled the four performances in New York that should have taken pl
  12. Here are the lyrics. I tried to translate the song in the best way possible, but it sounds really strange because there are so many German metaphors and I had to translate the sentences as they are so you get the plot: (DARK STAGE) Who knows, how many times a heart can break How many senses a man has got If feelings are worthwhile How many tears fit into a canal Do we live again / twice Why do we wake up What does time heal? (STAGE LIGHTENS UP) I am your seventh sense your false bottom your second face you are a smart prediction the principle of hope
  13. Hello! I’m not quite sure if the link was mentioned before, but I came across this website a few days ago; it’s from the Nureyev foundation. On this website, you can read about the different medical aspect of ballet (anatomy, nutrition) and the newest medical researches concerning ballet. The whole site is divided into a “dancer” and “medical professional” section, because the medical researches are explained in an either difficult or easy way (I only speak for people who have a limited knowledge on medicine ;) ). The articles are written in English and/or French. Enjoy the website. Here’s t
  14. Hello! I’m not sure if it has been done before but a German artist whose name is Herbert Grönemeyer shot a video with a ballerina dancing a piece which was exclusively created for his song “Demo (Letzter Tag)”. She is the only person that can be seen in the video and she dances in a beautiful theatre. The song itself is very touching because it deals with the death of the artist’s wife and what she meant to him; at first, the stage is very dark and the ballerina dances very slowly, but the more Herbert Grönemeyer sings about his wife’s beauty, the stage lightens up and the dance becomes more
  15. Hi Gigi1! Here's a link to all the french ballet companies: http://www.balletcompanies.com/Countries/France.shtml Hope this helps. Svenia
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