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Janie Taylor

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I was just wondering what people's opinions are on Janie Taylor. Especially since Alexandra Ansanelli was just promoted this past weekend. I've loved Janie for a while and don't understand why Peter hasn't promoted her yet. Last summer at SPAC she was performing mulitiple principle rolls a night and was fabulous in Halleluiah Junction all summer. I realise that Alexandra was a soloist for 5 years prior to this promotion and Janie has only been a soloist for just over 2 years but Alexandra was injured and not dancing for a while and it really appears that Janie has put in the work and deserves the promotion. Anyway I was just wondering if anyone had any comments or any clue so to Janie's future. Thanks :(

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Keep in mind being promoted to principal dancer is not simply about putting in the work and paying one's dues. While dancing multiple principal roles certainly suggests a dancer is being *groomed* that way, the actual promotion is more than just the sum of the parts. For many it comes when something finally comes together, a certain maturity appears, a cornerstone is turned, etc. -- some intangible quality often.

At NYCB, I have seen promotions occur for dancers before I saw what the ballet masters probably saw in the dancer (for me, it occurred with Weese), while for others it occurred when, as you suggest for Taylor, it's overdue (as many of us said with Rutherford's soloist promotion). Each of us in audience sees things differently, as well, so I'd venture to guess that not everyone would agree Taylor is ready for that promotion... yet.

Timing-wise, the promotions at NYCB seem to occur either in groups (as it did with the Millepied, Fayette, Marcovici, and Rutherford promotions) or when a specific dancer is taking on an important new role. As far as the latter goes, when you see casting posted, you can often suspect something might be around the corner, as I think some of us did with Ansanelli and her Coppelia (there is a certain amount of satisfaction in predicting correctly ;-) ).

Anyway, just my somewhat vague thoughts on the matter that don't really address what I personally think of Taylor!


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As Amanda suggested, I think Taylor is an immature dancer, but growing. It is usually better for both the dancer and the management to promote a little belatedly than prematurely, as the pressure of principal status has seemed to be too much for some dancers to handle.

Every dancer develops at his/her own pace, and Janie is clearly a favorite of Martins, so it seems likely that she will be granted Principal rank within a couple of years.

It's fun to have someone you're so excited about, but it can be frustrating and painful, too, when they don't get the opportunities you want for them. Most of us have been there, I'm sure. I have. Many times. :)

Meanwhile, just try to enjoy the ride. ;)

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I think of the old adage in basketball when it comes to promotions - it's not the starting five, it's the five who finish the game and who are in at crunch time. Putting aside the money that comes from being principal, it's more important how many parts a dancer is doing, not what her/his title is at NYCB. I've seen it many times, a corps dancer does a ton of stuff, but then practically disappears when promoted. I bet they were happier before. And I was happier seeing them on stage too.

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