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  1. This whole thing makes me very upset. For 8 years I've been attending SPAC in the summer to see the ballet. I live closer to Saratoga than to the city however I have seen both. It's just that SPAC is so beautiful in the summer and less expensive than the city and the dancers allow themselves to be more open to the children wanting to meet them after the shows as well. Saratoga has always been a real classy nice town for me to visit and enjoy but if they begin replacing these classical programs with better draws I fear they will lose that reputation. My only hope is that they will lose more money when they drop NYCB and realise they should bring them back. :green:
  2. I'm thrilled to hear about the promotions I was waiting for Ashley and Megan after last summer. I think they both deserve them greatly. As far as Hanna I do happen to think he deserves this promotion as well. At least in the summers at SPAC he's been performing major roles for at least 4 years and I've been watching him and saying to myself why aren't they moving him up if he's dancing more soloist and principal roles than corps. I think he's been working hard and has been keeping steady when being put into the more difficult roles and he deserves this pay increase and title. And so what if they moved him up partially to be able to partner the taller females in the soloist and principal spots thats perfectly fine with me. They did lose Robert Lyons within the last year or so and he was perfect for the tall females. I think all these promotions are deserved and can't wait to see what new roles they begin performing.
  3. I remember that stamp, my younger sister has a poster of it. I thought the dancer was someone from ABT but I"m not very familiar with ABT so i couldn't say exactly who it was. BUt i hope the Balanchin stamp comes out and is a good rendition of him, I collect limited edition stamps and this would make me collection.
  4. I just meant that from what I had heard, I don't mean to gossip, she wasn't popular with the company but I do remember seeing her dance a lot with NYCB in corps roles yes. Unfortunately I do agree with what everyone has said that there seems to only ever be a single token black female in the corps at NYCB at a time. But who knows it appears that Peter Martins is changing the company around a lot lately from an audience member. SO maybe things will be different soon. But I do with what everyone has said and NYCB will surely miss Aesha.
  5. Yea I know her, she used to dance with NYCB about 7 or 8 years ago and then left to go to Harlem. I don't really remember her dancing but I know she wasn't the most popular at NYCB. Thats great that you love her, she's on the cover of the new discount dance catalog.
  6. Well like I said before I thought Ashley did a really great job, very strong and althought I know that Rkoretzky was watching closely, I have to say that I disagree I was watching Ashley through binoculars and she appeared to be smiling and very flirty with Tewsely through the entire piece. I don't really remember her bourees but she was strong and a pleasure to watch. She performed very well and saying again i thought she did as good if not better then Alexandra would've. But it was good to see her do something. And I did spot her in Glass pieces but there's not a lot to the corps roles in that piece just a lot of walking.
  7. I just wanted to say that I saw Megan today and she did a wonderful job I was very proud of her. She's not only adorable but a beautiful and very strong dancer. She also did a corps role in Western Symphony tonight and even pulled that off although i'm sure she was just begging for the night to end and this week to end, they did pull her from a corps role in Symphony in 3 Mvts, tongiht which was good and not a role she absolutely needed to dance. But kudos to the little Megan (I say little and we're the same age ha ha) She was beautiful, I really look foward to seeing more of her. Oh and Ashley Bouder took over in Western Symphony for Alexandra tonight and did as good a job if not better then Alexandra so I'm happy for her as well :-D
  8. I'm sorry I hate to be rude or anything but it's terribly unfair to say that the powers that be concider Megan to be expendible. Also to say well it's only Saratoga is harsh because some of us can't get to the city during the year and Saratoga is all we have plus so many dancers are given major opportunities in Saratoga and such many have been promoted after or during the Saratoga season. I just hope Megan comes through this with flying colors to prove that she isn't expendible and that she can handle this and proves to the company, herself and the lucky audiences that get to see her that she is a force to be reckond with. :-D
  9. I must also add that I dont see why Yvonne couldnt do one performance on Thursday, I've seenher perform it before as well. Poor Megan but I'll be seeing her Sat afternoon so I'll let you know how she makes out once its all over. Goodluck to her I'm 19 also and I wish her all the best. And if she comes through on two feet some of the upper dancers betterwatch for this little one. I love her already.
  10. Wow, goodness Megan Fairchild as the lead in Coppelia. Something tells me that she's going to be going realy far real quick. I happened to have seen her dance butterfly last week in Midsummer and she was quite good I knew from the time I heard of her in the SAB workshop that she'd move up quickly and do very well. COngratulations to her. I just wish I could make it to see Alexandra in Coppelia as well. And Carnival of the Animals.
  11. THis is a huge change for SPAC. In the past 7 years that I have been atttending SPAC performances of NYCB they have only ever done one full length a season. This is the first year that they have done this many. Personally I think it's a let down, because I have always enjoyed seeing the shorter ones since I haven't seen some still. I've seen every full length that they do and get a bit sick of them. Especially since Peter has done Midsummer and Swan Lake for the past like 4 years or so, either one or the other. I'm just glad at least they are doing Coppelia, they haven't done that since my first year attending 7 years ago. Thats a good thing.
  12. I'm excited to be going to the Gala, I get to see Kyra dance for the first time in many years, It should be very good. I hope the weather turns out to be nice and not rain I have a new dress I'm also excited to see Abi Stafford in a soloist roll, I haven't seen her dance too many in the past two summers. I cant wait. :-D
  13. I'm usually a NYCB watcher and don't really remember if I ever saw him dance much with the company. I think I may have seen him once or twice in Midsummer or 4 Tempraments or Agon but I happened to see him at Boston in the Nutcraker, when I was there for the New Year. He did well, it's sad to hear that he's moved on again. I'm sorry Boston for your loss.
  14. Well yes of course looks do hit me first because that's the first thing i notice. But importantly I notice the feet, the hight (I'm tall so I like tall dancers, although some of my favorite are shorter), the line of the dancer in his jumps and turns especially and then the strength of his turns and jumps. To me thats what the male dancer does the most in his dancing besides making us females look good . If he has string turns and can do multiples without falling over and jump high and with nice clear feet, thats when i really notice him.
  15. As far as summer schools, CPYB is run by former Balanchine In NY State, the NYSSSA program is run by Bojan and Stephanie Spassoff and most of the teachers are former Balanchine or current NYCB members John Pierre and Patricia McBride also run Chataqua Ballet in the summer in NY I also believe the Pittursburg Ballet and Pennsylvania Ballet are run but former Balanchine dancers although I can't remember the names off hand
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