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Azari Pliseski


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Hi - I have come across a video named "Alicia" which features Alicia Alonso. In this video she dances Black Swan opposite a male dancer by the name of "Asari Pliseski" (spelling?), who is VERY GOOD. I performed a search in yahoo, but cud not find any piece of information concerning him.

Is anyone able to offer some more info? I am most interested!!!



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I don't know much about the man, but I have had the wonderful opportunity to be under his instruction for about 2 weeks this year! I know that he danced with and works with National Ballet de Cuba, and I believe he has also played a huge part in Jose Manuel Carreno's training or company work in CUba. He also spoke a little russian, so I believe he spent some time either training, dancing or teaching in Russia! That is the best I can do, I hope that gives a little bit of background.

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silvy, Azari Plissetski is the brother of Maia Plissetskaya!

There's a biography of him there (in French):


It says that he was born in 1937, studied at the Bolshoi school with Tarasov, Varlamov and Messerer, joined the Bolshoi Ballet in 1957, and then spent 10 years with the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, as a dancer, a teacher and a choreorapher. Between 1978 and 1981 he worked as a teacher for Béjart's Ballet of the 20th Century, then as a ballet master for various companies (Kirov Ballet, Roland Petit's Ballet National de Marseille, Ballet Classique de Moscou and some others). Since 1991, he teaches at the Béjart Ballet Lausanne and at the Rudra Béjart school.

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Ok- THANKS EVERYONE!!! I read the bio at Bejart's site, and it says that he was the choreographer of "Canto Vital" - I remember seeing that ballet danced by the National Ballet of Cuba and it was pretty impressive - if my memory does not falter me, they were about 4 male dancers performing beautiful choreography to Mahler. And I remember I was pretty impressed by the dancing of the men - I was sitting in the audience with my teacher who said "they are up to the Russians".

I am glad that he is still teaching - with such a background I believe he must have a lot to pass to younger generations.

Lucky those of you you had him as teacher!!!


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