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ABT Studio Company performances in NYC

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I attended the ABT Studio Company performance this past week at the Kaye Playhouse in NYC. Was anyone else from these boards able to attend?? I know some of the dancers and have taken class with them but I was truly impressed with their performances on stage. I thought they looked extremely well coached in all of the pieces and I was impressed by the presence each of them brought to the stage. They were all very good...I was especially impressed with Danny Tidwell, I think he is definitly a future ABT star in the making!!!!! :(

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Kiki -

I embarrassed to say I didn't even know it was going on (I was mired in work)

Please tell us more about what you saw. What ballets were performed and who choreographed them?

Also, for everyone - if there's a performance happening you think people might not know about, by all means put a brief heads up in the announcements section. (Don't forget to put the Company name, Venue, City and Date in the subject - ie "La Sublimova Ballet performs at the Civic Center in Erewhon, June 1-3")

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But names unfortunately escape me for the most part, so I won't be able to go into much detail.

Danny Tidwell, though, was by far the star of the show, and his technique has improved in ways that I wouldn't have thought possible. He did a rather flashy pas that I didn't care too much for, but it was worth it to see him.

The other standout would be Ms. Sarah Lane, who was beautiful as always, and strong technically in a piece about the underworld. It's a shame that she isn't getting a corp contract or even an apprenticeship with the company this spring, because she certainly deserves it.

I was also appreciative of the clean male strength to be found in Grant DeLong, Alexandre Hammoudis, and Bo Busy, as well as the most *gorgeous* and best-used feet I've seen in a long time that belonged to a girl named Kelly who's last name escaped me.

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Also unable to put hands on my program, but I was overwhelmed by the high level of dancing by the group as a whole. For me, the extra-special standouts were Danny Tidwell -- duly praised by Kiki and Brokenwing -- and Zhong-jing Fang, who has the rare ability to project that wonderful sense of living the moment at some very deep level. In that regard, she reminded me of Farrell, Kirkland, Kistler.

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