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Grooming the young dancers at NBoC

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I was just going to post about that! Thanks and my deepest apologies to MR Witchel!!

It was an interesting article...I wonder how they came to choose the four dancers that were featured, as there are others who come to mind as well.

I'm trying to recall who I saw in the Contract..will have to look back in the programs; it may have been N. Kish. I quite enjoyed him in the performance, but better say no more until I"m sure of the person I'm talking about.

P. Stancazyk was actually the one we noticed in Napoli who started with a bang, fizzled, and lost stage presence as he finished. This will be something he needs to work on.

We quite enjoy the two Canadians, although I think somehow we have missed them in their recent major roles (why can't they cast around MY schedule)?

Kudelka was quoted as indicating that he wants to avoid "stars" in NBOC...doesn't want the public to come out to see only a handful of dancers when the company is full of talent. No argument there. However, it was interesting that he mentioned RWB specifically...and noted that people seem only to want to see Evelyn Hart. Perhaps this is the case in cities other than Winnipeg itself...I can't speak for them...but I CAN say that there are some wonderful dancers in RWB other than Ms. Hart. I've seen that company perform twice; once here in Ontario and once in Winnipeg. Both times the house was quite full, and the audience happy (no Ms. Hart either time).

Perhaps someone with more RWB knowlege can speak to this point; I just found it interesting.

It also seems apparent that Rex Harrington is preparing for retirement...inevitable I suppose, but I do enjoy his dancing. Perhaps we'll be lucky enough to see the return of Persson and Tapper???

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I saw Stanczyk on both Sat & Sun mat, and on Saturday he managed to sustain the variation on a high level the whole way through. I felt bad for him on Sunday, it was basically the final pirouette that gave him trouble, but he lost compusure at ending badly, and let us all know he didn't think he had done a good job.

With Persson a principal and Tapper a first soloist at the Royal (or has she been promoted as well) will they come back to NBoC?

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Tapper is now a principal as well. Their return would be wishful thinking on my part. The last I read they were both happy at the Royal.

I'm glad that P.S. sustained his performance throughout when you saw him on Saturday. He clearly has a great deal of potential. Not bad to look at either (did I say that)? the company seats are just across the aisle from mine....

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Looking into my crystal ball…I see Guillaume Côté and Heather Odgen promoted to principal off their impressive performance in Swan Lake. Etienne Lavigne, Jean Sébastien Colau, Tanya Howard, and Laura Bolton will all be promoted to 2nd soloist. And Keiichi Hirano will make it to 1st soloist.:)

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Michael, you mentioned Jean-Sébastien Colau.

Has he been given some interesting roles so far? Until the previous season, he and Lise-Marie Jourdain were in the POB's corps de ballet, and I'd be interested in knowing what they're doing now...

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Ocassionally promotions are made in the middle of the year (i.e. Jamie Tapper's and Xiao Nan Yu's promotions to 1st soloist). The chances of Tapper or Persson coming back are slim, but maybe they could make a few guest appearances? Onegin perhaps? I got the impression that neither was extremely enthusiastic about Kudelka's works (or directorship?), and that they wanted to join the Royal because of its repertoire.

I was also interested in Kudelka's words on avoiding "stars". I think he has done very well in giving opportunities to young dancers. He casts dancers according to their readiness and not their rank. For example, he gave Tina Periera a lead in Monotones I when she was just a Tier 1 apprentice (and I'm not sure, but I think it was opening night too!). He has given so many great roles to Cote and Ogden that they have almost become stars in their own right. I'm not sure about the general public, but in the dance world they are definately a hot topic. Other than Rex Harrington, I'd say that Chan Hon Goh, Greta Hodgkinson, and Xiao Nan Yu have the "star-status" that can sell tickets.

creativejuice, what ballets have you seen Laura Bolton in? I haven't really seen a lot of her. I think Julie Hay, Tina Periera, and Jillian Vanstone are very promising- as to whether they will be promoted is anyone's guess.

Estelle, I saw Jean-Sebastien Colau as Benno recently. He gave a solid performance, and I'd be interested in seeing more of him in the future.

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If Cast are right on their official website, Lise-marie Jourdain must dance Spectre de la rose young girl during the matinee.

Did they dance since the beginnning of the season, except Benno.

Benno is it a danced part, I believed, it was only a mime part !

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