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    Natalia Osipova

    I have seen Osipova live in Don Q ('her' role from here on in as far as I'm concerned) and some other ballets, and I agree that while on video she appears rather overbearing when seen live she is simply exhilarating. But I do wonder, without wishing to offend, whether she is causing such a sensation simply because she is the first dancer in a while to have such energy (often compared to Plisetskaya) which we associate with the Bolshoi's golden age, and not necessarily due to remarkable artistic merit?
  2. If anyone (like me) was wondering whatever happened to Ms Volochkova, she seems to be appearing in a reality TV show in which celebrities learn to ice dance.
  3. He is a bit of a bomb isn't he! Though I must say, POB scores rather highly in the overall department (men and women).
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