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  1. When or where did Grant danced the Nutcracker PDD? Thanks. I saw Grant Delong as Nutcracker Cavalier at the Hershey Theatre December 20 - 21, partnering Sarah Walborn. Beautiful.
  2. Major Mel, When I read this post it brought back wonderful memories of my son's first partnering classes (nicknamed "baby partnering"at CPYB) with Ken Laws, Physics Professor at Dickinson College and author of The Physics of Dance. I think he was 8 or 9 years old. Ken invited the parents in for the final partnering class after the 5 week summer intensive. I almost bust a gut trying not to laugh out loud! I was seated next to a stage mom, whose daughter was one of the girls my son was partnering. She made it seem as if they were destined to get married. After I edged my chair away from
  3. Thank you for the lovely posting about Grace Ann Powers. I, too have followed her, though from afar. She did her early training at CPYB before moving to The Art of Classical Ballet School. We hear of her through her various performances. Thank you again. It sounds like it was a breathtaking eveing.
  4. Does anyone else have any sources for timely news coverage? It seems unfair to ask exhausted family members to provide all the details (though many thanks to those who did!).
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