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  1. The actress playing Juno is quite special. It's worth looking at her work in the film "Hard Candy." I like that Juno feels it could be a great play with it's few characters and great dialog.
  2. Dirac, I didn't go into the theater thinking I would like it half as much as the critics were reporting-as I'm quite fussy about voices, and am used to Michael Cervaris,etc. doing it such justice. My friend joining me hated it saying it lost the play's humor and she didn't like the singing. I too love Sondheim but wasn't comparing the actor's voices to the stage voices. I let the experience take me-and it did indeed. Seeing Depp sing a duet with Alan Rickman (certainly not a good singer) delighted me. Helena B.C's intense beautiful face, Sacha Cohen thrilled me in that bizarre part, the little boy's heart coming through as he sang, the sets and costumes, the backround music and how it moves the story. I was moved by the music. I felt what Depp did with his vocals worked well. His natural voice along with his amazing acting blends easily into one fine package. As a musician I am always happy to see another musical movie-this one especially.
  3. Yes, I thought it was a beautiful, unusual tribute to love, stories of unusual love and heart. It was always a surprise to see who might show up next. I strongly recommend it!
  4. Nope-Martine is in the long black next to a very interesting gold corsette number.
  5. I wasn't quite sure how I'd feel about the Gates-now having seen it.......I still don't know
  6. I couldn't wait to see it but boy,what a let down. I only saw a glimps of dancers dancing,then there was Neve Campbell dancing to My Funny Valentine (always loved that til this movie) looking as though the dance was specially made for a non dancer. There were interesting people with interesting situations barely mentioned,such a the fellow who needed a place to sleep, the Diva, the stage mother, but we were teased and nothing was ever developed-so who cared! I laughed during the ballets. The music chosen was ugly. I thought I would jump out of my skin,then it suddenly ended! My daughter and her friends liked it a bit more.
  7. Does anyone know of any other bookes in the works,say another book by suzanne Farrell?
  8. BW, It was just great,and I didn't expect live music.It it were up to me there'd always be live music.
  9. Dale, Yes Apollo was danced instead of Chaconne with Peter Boal-an outstanding performance by him. Also Tzigane with natalia Magnicaballi and Momchil Mladenov-a delight although I keep Suzanne Farrell in my head dancing it. Variations for Orchestra,and Divertimento No.15 with Cheryl Sladkin,Jennifer Fournier,Shanon Parsley,Runquiao Du.Chan Hon Goh and Bonnie Pickard danced as well. As one who is not a dance critic I can just say it was a beautiful representation of Balanchine danced with great integrity.
  10. I may possibly have some extra tickets for Princeton,NJ on October 5th.
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