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  1. He was supposed to perform in Vail earlier this month (as per the big glossy program), but did not.  I assumed that this was a result of injury, but no announcement was made. (Misty Copeland was to have performed on Friday August 3, but it was announced that night that she was ill and would not be dancing).

    I hope Mr. Lendorf is well.  

  2. I was in Vail for a number of days over the first week, so through the International Evenings.  Saw three performances and one rehearsal.  No mention was made about Woetzel leaving (though I thought it had been announced quite some time ago).  He was very present and involved, so one had no indication that there was any succession planning going on.  I did see "Suite of Dances" btw - both in rehearsal and in the International Evening II.

  3. I wish both these dancers well, and will miss seeing them onstage in Toronto.

    I don't know why the company didn't announce these moves along with the promotions, as they normally do.

    It's been my great pleasure to watch Robert Stephen perform since he was a student at the National Ballet School, and I'm so glad that I got to see his cast in "Men in Black" this past Sunday.  I am incredibly sad that to learn that he is leaving the company.  

  4. Tedaldi is a wonderfully talented dancer.  No less so in my view than the two who were promoted.  His height is similar to theirs as well.  He and Campbell joined the company the same year; Frola the following year.  I actually haven't seen much of Frola in a leading role (that blasted Sunday matinee again), but his photo appears often in publicity material and he has been getting some nice casting in the last season and a bit so obviously KK et al liked him.  Would be interesting to know whether the ENB contract came before he was given principal status with NBOC.


  5. posted this afternoon on NBOC instagram:

    nationalballet2018/19 Promotions: Congratulations to Skylar Campbell and Francesco Gabriele Frola on being promoted to Principal Dancer.

    nationalballet2018/19 Promotions: Jack Bertinshaw will be promoted to First Soloist. 

    nationalballet2018/19 Promotions: Congratulations to Christopher Gerty, Spencer Hack and Miyoko Koyasu who will be promoted to Second Soloist. 

  6. I've only read one of the reviews (Globe and Mail).  My reaction was similar to that review.  The concept of mixed media that was used is quite interesting, and I'm sure has lots of potential.  There were some moments that I really did enjoy.

    Overall however the work was far too long.  Two hours with no intermission.  It was presented  in little stories or chapters, the way you might see in film.  Most of these could have been shortened quite significantly - especially the ones with no specific theme  (e.g., "lines").  About 3/4 of the way through the curtain came down and the house lights went up slightly.  We were informed that there was an unexpected delay due to technical difficulties. Say WHAT?  Some audience members left at this point.  Others had trouble making it through such a long performance, and had to excuse themselves and return (which of course is disruptive for the rest of us).

    There was only one cast for this work, and from what I can tell no corps members had roles.  Will have to double check that. Odd I thought that there was only one cast - well as it turns out there is very little actual dancing, so I guess the need for rest between shows is mitigated significantly.

    Please NBOC do not bring this back for another season.  Put it on film - a nice CBC special perhaps.

  7. Blackcurrant - they are likely good friends, I don't know that I'd read anymore into it.  They were both at the school around the same time, perhaps even danced together during some of those years (I mention this only as both are tall; Binet is a few years older however if I remember correctly, so I really don't know if they actually would have had classes or performances together back then).  She was in the first cast for his piece "The Dreamers Ever Leave You" for the company.

    My experience as a mom of a dancer is that it's not uncommon for small groups within a company to become quite friendly, and even to vacation together.  Certainly there are advantages and disadvantages to these close friendships within a working environment, but I don't think the world of dance is unique to that...

  8. Found this article, noting that Binet Senior completed his term on the Board in October 2017, after 6 seasons:


    The programme for Sleeping Beauty still has him listed on the cabinet for the Soaring Campaign, but he is no longer listed as such on the NBOC website as others have mentioned.

    This link is more of a professional bio, and mentions his involvement with the Board of both the National Ballet School and NBOC.



  9. JumpFrog - I have handy the two programmes from March 4 and March 11.  As of March 11 Binet Sr. was still listed under the "Soaring" campaign.  They must have had these printed before things started coming off the website.  I'll see if I can take some time over the next couple of days to compare what's in the programme and what's online.  Last week you'll recall that I did do that and he was still listed on the company website (Binet Sr.).

    Is someone from NBOC lurking here, perhaps?

  10. I just used Saye as an example.  They could have used Ebe with Nan Yu I think (though I have trouble judging height beyond tall/short from the audience).  I was happy to see Ebe dance Bluebird - he was pretty perfect I must say - but it made me wonder why he was doing Bluebird and Jiang the Prince.  According to the program, Ebe has two performances as the Prince, with two different Auroras.  Lobsonova was to debut on the 13th, so today - did they change the dates from the program?

    Another note - I had noticed Sephesihle November the week before at the mixed program - wondered who he was.  He seems quite short, and with a stockier build than most of the men (even the shorter ones) in the company.  He is also first year corps, and is apparently the youngest member of the company. Saw him do "Pussycats" on Sunday.  Wow.  Can he ever jump!  Amazing.  HE and Miyoko Koyasu were very cute in the role.  Mr. November is definitely one to watch!

  11. Saw Sleeping Beauty yesterday (Sunday March 11).  A few notes/observations:

    * once again there were a number of changes to ladies' casting.  Couldn't follow everything, but it would seem that Ms. Fischer didn't dance yesterday, so changes were made around her.  This impacted the Variations in the First Act in particular.  One of the cast who danced but wasn't on the program for that performance was Elena Lobsanova; she did not look happy.  Who knows if this had anything at all to do with casting - she just didn't seem herself or look as happy/content as she usually does onstage

    * Aurora was danced by Xiao Nan Yu, who as always was pretty flawless.  I'm sure she was more than patient with her partner (more in a bit).

    * The Prince was danced by Peng-Fei Jiang, who is new to the company this season and is a corps member.  He has two shows as the prince.  By comparison, Brendan Saye only has one.  Mr. Jiang has a very princely air about him - I could certainly see coaching from Lindsay Fischer on the acting part of the role.  Mr. Jiang looks like a prince as well, and he does have potential.  In my view however it's a bit too soon for him in a lead role.  Some of his jumps lacked finesse, he fell out of turns, and he kept forgetting to point his feet.  Argh.  

    Will have to finish later - sorry!

  12. Very nice sleuthing!

    My thoughts would be something along the lines of:  1) young Binet is very lucky, both in terms of family connection and the wonderfully talented dancers who he gets to work with. 2) There are other quite talented dancer/choreographers in Toronto who do not have the advantages mentioned in 1).

    A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to see a piece of Robert Binet's performed by NBOC dancers at the end of the summer program.  The other choreographer that year was a woman with many years of experience; no NBOC dancers were in her piece, and only NBOC dancers in Binet's piece.  The Binet work was not something I was swooning over, but it made some sense, the dancers were incredibly talented, so generally I'd have to give it a "good."  Now, at that time the Banff program was for dancers fairly new to the professional world - so the NBOC dancers were either from YouDance or first/second year corps (Lindsay Fischer was head of the Banff program at the time).  The piece was quite appropriate for that setting and event.  At minimum KK has pushed the "fast forward" button a bit too strongly.

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