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  1. Thanks for the news kbarber - re Harrison James: wow. Quite unprecedented for NBOC, don't you think? He hasn't been with the company all that long, and from what I recall completely skipped the ranking of second soloist, going directly to first soloist from corps? Am I remembering that right?

  2. So I gave my ticket to a friend on Sunday as I had too much else going on. Wow - guess I picked a good show to miss!

    My daughter saw the dress rehearsal on Friday night, and reports pretty much what was said in the Globe and Mail article...

  3. Will read the link volcanohunter - thank you for posting! Saye did a wonderful job in the mixed program this past weekend.

    And on that note, Dawid T was quite a treat in La Sylphide. Had been looking forward to seeing Frola, but the guest artist did not disappoint.

  4. I haven't watched all of the performance video yet, but have been watching the vlogs for a while now. Based on that I would agree with vagansmom and vipa. I see strong elements in her dancing, but to me it seems more technical than an artistic interpretation. I know she tries VERY hard - extraordinarily hard perhaps - and I almost wonder if she doesn't try a bit too hard.

    I admire her for what she is trying to do - establish a career and a life in a country far away from family and friends, learn a new language and experience lots of new things. She's also pretty good in the self advocacy and promotion department (although I still think she could filter her comments a bit. For example she did go to lengths to say how kind and welcoming company members are in Astrakhan. One wonders if this was meant to imply that such is not the case in her own company...)

  5. I am not overly pleased with next season's programming, NOR I am pleased that the prices have gone up again, or that we only have till April 18 essentially to make a decision as subscribers. After that date prices go up, and our current seats are only held until May 1.

    I really don't want to subscribe to a full season this year, but feel rather hostage by my seat choice (which I love). I will likely lose this seat, which I've had since the Four Seasons opened, if I change my subscription package.


  6. I saw the McKie/Dronina cast in Toronto in November. Thought it was wonderful. I hadn't seen Dronina dance before; lovely seems like an insufficient word to describe, but vocabulary is failing me this morning. I always enjoy McKie. I thought Lunkina was very well suited to the role of Paulina. Lobsanova was wonderful in Perdita as well.

    If I were to choose from the casts mentioned above I would not go with Maddox/Ogden, but this is because Maddox is not my favourite NBOC male principal. I'm sure Ogden will do wonderfully in the role. If you see that cast, you'll enjoy Skylar Campbell as Florizel (actually all men doing Florizel will be very good indeed).

    One note about Stancyzk/Fischer: Ms. Fischer is a relatively new member of NBOC. She was in the corps only two years before being promoted to second soloist; this is her first year in that position. As she is first cast, I assume that Mr. Wheeldon chose her specifically for the role of Hermione.

    Enjoy and let us know what you decide!

  7. I should admit that I have been following the vlogs - not sure what has my interest really. She complained that she was injured due to her partner (as others have noted above); complained that she wasn't allowed to go back to the US which she needed to do for medical treatment; then in fact did go to the US for a number of days, had hyperbaric treatments and IV (don't know of anyone else who has such easy access to these treatments...personally I don't think I was aware that these were even available in the way she describes); then returned to Russia. First blog back in Russia said she was still jet lagged and in some discomfort due to treatments in US; next vlog is saying that she is bored as she isn't preparing for a principal role.

    So - my reflections are as follows:

    * I wish this young woman had an advisor/coach regarding appropriate online discussion topics, and generally how to discuss (or not) one's colleagues in public

    * Ms. Womack needs to give some thought to what she is complaining about. That is to say, if one complains about being overworked, it is probably not a good idea to complain about being bored a week later.

  8. volcanohunter - re casting and Brendan Saye - last season I don't think I saw him dance at all, definitely not in principal roles. Assume that he was recuperating from injury, but don't recall if the company posted anything along those lines.

    I am looking forward to seeing Felix Paquet - had the pleasure of watching him in Banff this summer.

  9. Driving in Toronto is comparable to driving an any large city, at least in my opinion. It's quite straightforward to get to the Sheraton, and to the Four Seasons. The Sheraton is steps away from the Four Seasons.

    There are driving directions on the website of the Four Seasons - and likely on the Sheraton one as well.

    You'll just need a bit of patience to get through bits of construction on the Gardiner Expressway, and again as you exit the Gardiner and inch up towards University.

    Once you are at your hotel there is lots within walking distance.


  10. Today promotions were announced on the company's Facebook account. I don't see anything on the company website as yet.

    A LOT of action this year - haven't seen this much in quite some time.

    A couple of men seem to have leaped from corps to first soloist (Frola, James). I can't recall this happening before - at least in the years I've been paying attention.

    I'd be interested in your thoughts….

    Promoted to Principal dancer:

    Naoya Ebbe

    Elena Lobsanova

    Promoted to Principal CharacterArtist:

    Stephanie Hutchinson

    Etienne Lavigne

    Jonathan Renna

    Promoted to First Soloist:

    Skylar Campbell

    Dylan Tedaldi

    Jordanna Daumec

    Chelsy Meiss

    Jenna Savella

    Harrison James

    Francesco Gabriele Frola

    Promoted to Second Soloist:

    Jack Bertinshaw

    Hannah Fischer

    Emma Hawes

    Kathryn Hosier

    Brent Parolin

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