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  1. This "Schedule - Casting" spectacle by the Mariinsky administration is really frustrating. It just been announced in Vienna that Malakhov is getting a government award there on 26th. I really doubt that he can be in St.Petersburg on 28th to dance "Manon". I bet my last 100 rubles that he will not come. The Festival is becoming a , as we say in Russia, a "soap bubble".
  2. Vladimir Malakhov's staging of "La Bayadere" and his partnership with Diana Vishnyeva. Also, Zakharova with Malakhov in "Diamonds". Merkuriev in "Manon". Ruzimatov (though ageing and not as powerful as before) in "Scheherezade".
  3. The ballerina in Walpurgisnacht was Irina Surnyeva. She is the soloist of the Imerial Russian Ballet.
  4. GWTW, please do not blame the dancers on any sort of the advanced publicity - it is usually done by the presenters, in this case it must have been israeli presenters. Also, from a friend of mine who was at the Gala - Vishnyeva didn't dance at all that evening and Malakhov did dance but only one piece - his solo "Voyage." It is too bad you have chosen the Gala. According to my friend their "Giselle" was the greatest ballet performance she has ever seen. She was raving about it, I only wish I could be there.
  5. On the website of Berlin State Opera it says that Malakhov is appointed as Artistic Director and Principal Dancer. Also, in the interview he gave during last Mariinsky festival, he said that he will continue dancing, mainly in Berlin, with ABT, and at the Vienna State Opera, but not with Stuttgart Ballet. He also mentioned Tokyo Ballet where, I guess, he is a Principal Guest. I am sure he will and I hope he will continue dancing. He is 34, but I can be wrong here, but were not Nureyev and Baryshnikov about the same age when they started directing? And kept on dancing.
  6. Just read in German press that Alicia was promoted to First Soloist.
  7. I t sounds like it was a circus. Has anyone of mentioned dancers "delivered a role?"
  8. Lunkina, who I also consider the true star of Bolshoi, is not in Washington because the ballets which they have brought are not her repertory.
  9. Vladimir Malakhov! He is the purest, the most classical, no tricks, so musical and so elegant.
  10. Dear Drew, Manhatnik,Alexandra and all the others! Please explain: After Malakhov has debuted at the Mariinsky during the FEstival this past February,where he was phenomenal, all the russian media proclaimed him the best dancer in the world. At the Festival also were Carrenho, Stiefel, Acosta but they were very poor compared to Malakhov as in russian media's opinion as in, especially, sesoned St.Petersburg balletomanes liking. malakhov became "the talk of the town" overnight. Though he was trained in Russia, nobody knew him - he left Russia ten years ago and has never returned till this February. So my question is: Why is he dancing secondary roles in New York( he must be a Principal) and is he as famous in the West as we believe it in Russia now?
  11. Alessandra Ferri in "Manon" or as Juliette. Dina Vishneva and Vladimir Malakhov in, weel, just about anything together.
  12. There is a Russian proverb: "Do not spit into the plate you have been eating from." Unfortunately, that is what Baryshnikov is doing now. Shame.
  13. I would say that Art has no borders, definitely no nationality. It does not apply to folk art. But only to High Art, like ballet or modern dance.
  14. With all my respect to you, balletlovers in US. First, If I may, I would like to correct. "la Dame aux Camellias" is by Neumeier. It was created for Marcia Haydee for Stuttgart Ballet after Cranko's death. And second, do you all agree that Crasus is a "meaty" role?
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