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  1. Forgive me for my ignorance, but since FTs is the only ballet out of the whole program I've seen (considering NYCB does every other season), I don't know much this Gounod Symphony. Can anyone elaborate on it?
  2. What is Les Gentilhommes like? I know SAB has done it in a workshop a few years back and the company has done it, but I don't know anything about it except that it's only boys and they all wear white. Has anybody seen it?
  3. Besides this, the advance male students will also be performing Martin's Les Gentilhommes during this performance.
  4. The annual workshop is now a month away and getting ever closer. However, besides knowing what ballets they're doing, I know next to nothing of what's going on. Does anybody know anything else or have seen any of the rehearsals. Are there any memorable students who are going to be in it? I was hoping to see Erica Pereira perform in it again after seeing her do Square Dance last year, but considering she got her apprenticeship half way through the year, I guess I'll have to look towards somebody else.
  5. OMG, tonight's premiere of Peter Martin's new ballet Friandises was phenomanol. It literally took my breath away. It was a large corps ballet being led by two wonderful dancers, soloist Daniel Ulbricht and corps memeber Tiler Peck. And it was quite the show. Tiler Peck, who is only 17 years old, is making a name for herself already. She was beautiful and poised during the adagio, and then fierce and fiery during the allegro. The amazing part are her turns, when she did triple freutees one after the other, pulling into a quadruple. Then she did double attitudes turns consecutively, first in the front then back then the front...........I'm speechless. Daniel Ulbricht dazzled us all with his speed and the heighth of his jumps, even doing a triple sou de basc. The audience couldn't get enough of it, especially the last movement when it was a free for all with all the ballet members going for their best to impress us. They totally brought down the house. It is a must see.
  6. 1. Fairy of the Crystal Fountain should be a light blue. 2. Fairy of the Enchanted Garden should a vibrant green or a soft mixture of white and pink. 3. The Breadcrumb Fairy should be a light pink 4. Song Bird Fairy should be a bright yellow 5. Fairy of the Golden Vine should be, well, gold. 6. Lilac Fairy of course would be lilac.
  7. Details are nice and everything, but I'm just hoping people would be fascinated more by Aurora's dancing and her acting than by if the spindle she's holding really even looks like a spindle.
  8. All versions I've seen the Lilac Fairy was at the wedding, sometimes she dances and sometimes she doesn't. I prefer there to be four Jewels/Metals for the pas de quatre. Sometime they're fairies and sometimes they're courtiers. As for why it isn't the same fairies from the Prologue, it's simple. This ballet requires a large cast, so most likely the dancers who were fairies have to be something else. Also the fairies where at the christening because they were becoming the baby's godmothers, whereas at the wedding, the Jewel fairies are there to wish wealth and prosperity upon the happy couple.
  9. Sleeping Beauty is my favorite ballet ever, and I feel there's nothing wrong with it. I think you people are taking things to seriously. Who cares how she pricks herself? Who cares what the spindle looks like? Who cares how she awakens? Just enjoy the freaking ballet!
  10. Karla was made a soloist with NYCB shortly before he departure fromt the company. [gossip snip] MAJINSKY: Please check your email mailbox.
  11. I'm an Advance student at SAB and am a personal friend to these people. It is unusual for there to only be one Wein winner to become an apprentice. They do not have to be Seniors to win it, but the award is given to the people who have improved the most so the students would have had to be at SAB for a year already. [snip]
  12. I LOVE SYMPHONY IN C!!!!!!!!! I can't wait until January. I feel it's the best Balanchine ballet ever. It's the only one that everybody I know who has seen it likes it. I noticed they're doing Western Symphony as well. Considering that the "rarely performed third movement" was performed in the SAB workshop this past year, it would surprise me at all if the company ends up doing it. Daniel Ulbricht would be amazing in that role, along with J. de Luz and T. Gold. Ballo with Ashley B. is another to look towards to.
  13. There's nothing I can say about Alexandra than that she has been one of the best BALANCHINE dancers I've ever seen, making me feel that it is a mistake to leave the company. I saw her do Le Corsaire pas de deux during the Ballet Stars Spectacular last Valentines Day and she looked horrible doing it. Classical is nowhere to describing her dancing. [gossip; snip]
  14. I think it is quite an improvement to the ballet world thanks to his retirement. As a current student at SAB, my friends and I have seen him multiple times and have agreed that he was the worst principle in the company. Sure his partnering was good, but it lacked that fascinating feeling that people got from Jock's amazing partnering, and his actual dancing just wasn't that good. I feel it's best that he retired while he was still ahead, though it would have been best 5 years ago.
  15. Thanks Ant. though I have to say I really wish I could just find a cd version and unfortunately I don't have a hifi so I have to keep looking.
  16. I just performed in Balanchine's Western Symphony and I totally fell in love with the music. I know what old folk songs the music is made of, but does anybody know where I can get a copy of Western's composition. Much help is needed!
  17. Emeralds can be found on the Balanchine Album, but Rubies is Stravinsky's Capriccio for Piano. Easy to find.
  18. Though originally Harlequinade was choreographed by Petipa, most of the choreography has been forgottened. What has been savaged from the original has been what Balanchine brought into his version. Though the score is called Millions d'Arlequin, the score has not been recorded onto a soundtrack yet, probably because it's not a very commonly performed ballet. Good luck though!
  19. I too went to ABT's first performance of their Fokine Festival last Thursday night. Though Fokine's choreography is admireable, I can't say I can really fancy it. Les Sylphide, though with all of its romanticism, I find some what awkward. Thank goodness Gillian Murphy led the cast, along with Maxim. I find him a weak dancer, but he was so beautiful in his role of the poet. Gillian and Maxim really complimented each other, better than what I found in Sylvia. Petrouchka, I can say, was the dud of the evening. Though occasionally appearing in a few scenes, I feel the tradgic puppet (though Julio Bocca could have worked a little bit more on the sympathy part) was far from being the main character. If anything this ballet should be named "A Russian Carnival" or something. Just to note, Amanda McKerrow and Marcelo Gomes were perfect in their roles of the Ballerina and the Moor. What is there to say about Cornejo's performance in Le Spectre de la Rose but sublime. He jumps are absolutely amazing! Though I should feel ashamed of myself, that evening I did not have the enthuisiasm to stay and see the Polovtsian Dances. Sorry.
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