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  1. There will still be some live music, just not with a full orchestra. It's still a big disappointment, though. I think several people there have been making significant money, to date; but I also read that the two highest paid are taking a 30% cut, getting them down to a reasonable point for such a small organization with no endowment, and I believe that others are taking smaller cuts (even those with much smaller salaries, unfortunately). There will be a lot of staff positions completely cut, as well. So, there are still challenges, and I suspect better decisions might've been made, and sooner...but what do I know?
  2. I always try to attend at least once, each summer. I really enjoyed taking class from Alison Roper, last summer, so I'll try to do that again, this year.
  3. In another (now closed) thread, printscess asked whether Valerie and Suzanne Limbrunner are sisters. They are.
  4. I usually see several performances of any OBT program, and this was no exception. Each had its strong points, but overall I preferred the Sunday matinee. Gavin Larsen was simply ethereal in Adin, that afternoon, and Anne Mueller was perfect in The Concert. I'd forgotten what a lovely ballet Adin is, yet I'm sure I enjoyed these performances even more than when I saw it a couple of years ago. In a Q&A session after the closing performance, audience members repeatedly called it the more moving of the two non-comedy works on the program. Kathy Martuza's and Paul DeStrooper's pas de deux was particularly beautiful on opening and closing nights. I'd never seen either The Concert or The Four Temperaments before OBT's latest program. I thought all three were very well done, and I'll be happy to see them again. I will say that, as OBT's repertoire grows, it'll be good to go a bit longer between reprises, though I completely understand the financial considerations at play.
  5. Sorry I didn't notice your question earlier. Because of the press of work, I made it only once, for just a few minutes, this year. Two couples were rehearsing a pas de deux from the upcoming program, but I don't know anything more about it.
  6. I've written jayo a couple of times off-list to say how much I've enjoyed the review, and it was suggested that I post some information about the supernumeraries in this production of Swan Lake. (I make a distinction here between "supers," all of whom take adult classes at OBT, and the company members, apprentices, and "regular" students who made up the bulk of the cast.) The ten supers included one of the ladies in waiting, the four men at arms (later courtiers), one more male courtier, three of the female courtiers, and the Master of Ceremonies. I know that they all enjoyed the experience immensely, due in no small part to the gracious treatment they received from company members, staff, and crew.
  7. I saw all four performances, and everyone did a wonderful job. I agree that the pas de quatre was very well done. In addition to all the discussion of the dancing, I have to mention Alison Roper's acting--with her face and body, in every way, she truly was a fearful, then loving, and ultimately heartbroken Odette, and a teasing and manipulative Odile. Wow! New York Times critic John Rockwell watched the Friday night and Saturday matinee performances so he could write about both casts (along with PNB's season closing production). You can read his review here. I heard that OBT has already had a tremendous surge in '06-'07 subscription sales as a result of the weekend's shows. There's really a buzz about it in Portland.
  8. Seven and a half hours? That's dedication! Thank you for supporting OBT, and thanks especially for that excellent description of the Spring program. I saw three of the four performances, and I agree with your assessment of the program, the company, and the direction in which Christopher Stowell is taking it.
  9. I haven't been online in a while, so I apologize for answering only now; but I did see the school performance, and honestly, I had to remind myself that it was "just" a school performance! It just keeps getting better every year, which makes it seriously big bang for your ballet buck. Thanks to Damara Bennett and all the staff at School of OBT for developing such wonderful dancers!
  10. I don't remember what else was on the program in Fall of '04, but the audience seemed to think SL Act III stood on its own very well, including the cliffhanger ending. I'm really looking forward to the full production.
  11. The whole program is very good. Trey McIntyre's new piece is intense. Bob Hicks put it much better than I could have. You can read his impressions here. I saw it on opening night, and I'll be watching both shows, this weekend.
  12. Yep, I just saw that, too, but you beat me to the forum. Thanks for posting this, Helene! :excl: I was wrong about the time. They're starting barre at 11:00 each day this week. :excl:
  13. I know of a few promotions, but nothing official that I've seen, no.
  14. If there are any Portland-area readers here, don't forget that OBT will be rehearsing under the big tent in the South park blocks starting tomorrow (Monday), August 29. I think company class starts at 11:00; the OBT web site may have more details. Edited on 8/29 to correct the start time. Yes, I found out the hard way.
  15. I agree that it's a lovely gift, but seeing as how it was posted on the web site more than a month in advance, how much of a surprise can it really be? Maybe I'm missing something. Do they not know about the company web site?
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