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  1. I am wondering if anyone has noticed that Sarah Lane is not listed on the roster on ABT website. was there an announcement that she retired?
  2. You are correct. The Jock talk is not illegal. The sharing of photos/videos is morally wrong.
  3. I just read the entire Amended Claims and it’s very disheartening. Someone please tell Mariska Hargitay... I have a feeling this is going to be featured in this upcoming season’s Law & Order SVU episode. Back to the discussion, it is disturbing to know that some of these vultures considered the company/school as “hunting ground” as referred to on the claim. Not to genralized but I also wonder what was the appeal to these straight single young not-so-attractive men like Jared to enjoy a ballet performance. His action disgust me. In perspective, these ballerinas live ina bubble. They grow up in the same school and went on to the company. They do not have the same experience as us mere mortals of socializing in school and college. I feel that us independent women found our self worth and confidence to stand up against the world even more through out our “18-22” age while in college faced in making good an bad decisions. This same age group is what these vultures are hunting for. I admire these ballerina greatly, but at that age we all went through a stage of learning about ourselves. This Jared guy probably failed to prey on these ladies, hence utilizing these handsome men and teaching them his perverse way. I’m beyond appalled at this point.
  4. So Maria Kowroski commented on Amar's post "😘❤️" kissy face emoji. If Maria supports her, how do we feel about Amar now? she's the most senior ballerina and well respected at City Ballet.
  5. Thanks for keeping us in track Helene. I have never thought about the orchestra into consideration. Still sad there will be less ballet to watch. I wish they would just take the last week off in July instead of the month of May.
  6. That’s quite a horrible thing to say without knowing all the facts. Would we say the same thing about Marcelo? I don’t think so.
  7. Wow Brilliant!!!! I just realized this. Amazing! ABATT = All Balanchine All The Time
  8. I am sad for the company... it will be hard to recover it’s public image after this. Maybe they’ll lower their ticket price.
  9. no principal promotion this year? also no men's promotion? I know some people in the forum were hoping for Gabe.
  10. Just saw Devon and Cory... she was exquisite! She has some beautiful still moments in her portrayal of Odette. While her Odile was sharp and I’m sure someone here will talk about her fouettés.
  11. Stella was spectacular tonight! Her acting was en pointe! is it just me or I thought her chemistry with Paris (Thomas Forster) was much stronger? He might be a better choice for Romeo. Also, his performance has been exceeding Hammoudi. I think Forster deserves a shot as a leading role.
  12. Just saw Boylston and Halberg. Her Juliet is one of my new favorite in recent years. She complete innoncence ans captures Juliet’s youth so perfectly. She surenders herself to the role. In act 3, she was devastated and confused, physically running into stuff in her desolation. Love them!
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