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  1. Ilovegiselle

    ABT 2018 promotions

    no principal promotion this year? also no men's promotion? I know some people in the forum were hoping for Gabe.
  2. Ilovegiselle

    ABT: Roster in Review - 2018

    Imo... Lane.
  3. Ilovegiselle

    ABT 2018 Swan Lake

    Just saw Devon and Cory... she was exquisite! She has some beautiful still moments in her portrayal of Odette. While her Odile was sharp and I’m sure someone here will talk about her fouettés.
  4. Ilovegiselle

    2018 Romeo & Juliet

    I will add Marcelo and Diana
  5. Ilovegiselle

    2018 Romeo & Juliet

    Stella was spectacular tonight! Her acting was en pointe! is it just me or I thought her chemistry with Paris (Thomas Forster) was much stronger? He might be a better choice for Romeo. Also, his performance has been exceeding Hammoudi. I think Forster deserves a shot as a leading role.
  6. Ilovegiselle

    2018 Romeo & Juliet

    Just saw Boylston and Halberg. Her Juliet is one of my new favorite in recent years. She complete innoncence ans captures Juliet’s youth so perfectly. She surenders herself to the role. In act 3, she was devastated and confused, physically running into stuff in her desolation. Love them!
  7. Ilovegiselle

    2018 Romeo & Juliet

    I wish Stella would be partnered by David, as advertised in the posters. Imagine those beautiful dancers together with their long endless lines.
  8. Ilovegiselle

    "Harlequinade" 2018.

    Yes true. However they consider themselves a “touring” company. They spend Fall season at the State Theatre, December doing Nutcracker, spring touring and visiting at least 4 cities and spend the rest of that time rehearsing for the Met.
  9. Ilovegiselle

    "Harlequinade" 2018.

    Back to topic and echoing most comments regarding act 2. I found the children section to be too long and more over I was sitting around many of the parents and family who were wishpering and taking photos during Act 2. With that many children on stage and so many family, it really did feel like a school recital. i will be back tomorrow to see Bella/James who I hope will have a stronger portrayal of the characters.
  10. Ilovegiselle

    "Harlequinade" 2018.

    that's really short! Which is good after the long La Bayadere nights I have had last week. I am watching two shows this week, excited to get to bed early.
  11. Ilovegiselle

    ABT 2018 Firebird / AFTERITE

    I saw the show last night. Besides the message of the choreography, I found the dancers to be dynamic... I love seeing all the stars on one stage at the same time. IMO, Alessandra Ferri has the most expressive feet... she is so dramatic and beautiful on stage still, I love it.
  12. Ilovegiselle

    ABT 2018 Giselle

    4th Giselle of the week and the energy of the audience for Osipova/Halberg was very very special.
  13. Ilovegiselle

    ABT 2018 Giselle

    I actually saw Trenary watching the show last night. She was sitting on the side Parterre.
  14. Ilovegiselle

    ABT 2018 Giselle

    I truly enjoy all the drama on stage from last night ... I think that is why the company is called Americans Ballet Theatre.
  15. Ilovegiselle

    ABT 2018 Giselle

    It was a wonderful debut as Myrta for Ms. Williams. She commanded the stage. I truly felt her presence during her solo performance at the beginning of Act II. It would be so lovely to see her promoted this year.