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  1. kaskait

    Stella Abrera

    A tiny snippet of Stella Abrera dancing Giselle at Guggenheim's Works & Process at the 21:14 mark. https://youtu.be/CceZmIZnGAQ It would be lovely to see her dance the whole ballet. Why ABT didn't follow up Abrera's good press from her recent perforrmance in Australia is baffling. They have a PR department, its job is to promote the dancers. What are they there for if they don't do at least that much? The company website certainly isn't getting any attention from them as well.
  2. kaskait

    Joy Womack

    Exactly, she is far from the Russian ballet ideal. Which makes her career there so interesting. She was cast as the lead in the graduation performance so someone there liked her dancing. And I find it hard to believe it was for publicity because the school doesn't need it. Plus she was liked well enough to be taken into the Bolshoi.. Why she wasn't cast could have been due to plenty of reasons that had nothing to do with her dancing. We'll never get the whole story. In regards to Precious Adams, I really do believe her stories regarding racism. This is a good interview with her about
  3. kaskait

    Joy Womack

    I've been watching and translating some of the Russian comments on her youtube videos and sometimes on her website. So far all of them have been very congratulatory. I'm not a Russian Dance worshipper, I've seen some sloppy dancing when the Mariinsky was in NY last winter. They favor extremely thin, wraith like dancers that I don't find attractive. Which is why I find it so interesting that Womack has the makings of a good career in Russia. She is a big, strapping American. The kind that Balanchine favored, definitely not the type that Russian ballet prefers now.
  4. kaskait

    Joy Womack

    She is being consistently cast into leading roles. I think the biggest so far is Myrtha in Giselle. But the company website still lists her as a leading soloist. Which leads me to believe that any promotion to Principle will come from this group. Besides the examples that Womack puts on her website and occasionally the Kremlin Ballet, I haven't seen enough of her dancing to make a true opinion. But what I have seen shows that she is a very conscientious dancer. I would love to get a hold of reviews of her performances. The Russian balletomanes are so choosy, I wonder what impression she
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