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  1. Excuse me, how do I turn on the English subtitles on the Trovatore transmission, please?
  2. I sell one ticket for the AMC Empire 25, 42nd Street NYC for Sunday, Feb 23 at 12.55 pm for face value of $20. Cheers. Alex
  3. I was at both the open rehearsal and opening night. Actually I preferred Steven McRae and Iana Salenko (at rehearsal) over the first shift of Acosta/Nunes. The younger red-haired guys were more vibrant even though they did not look like Catalonians at all. Jumps were higher, speed was faster. And Steve managed to make two beautiful one-handed lifts of Kitri without any trace of difficulty. While Carlos obviously struggled on these elements and basically failed the second lift. I heard that Acosta is retiring after next season which is IMHO a totally correct decision. BTW after the rehearsal I saw Steve (with his wife) and Iana having lunch at Washington Harbor restaurant nearby. The McRaes were with their lovely baby girl and Steven was carrying her all the time. What a loving father! Nice to see that true men and fathers do exist among the ballet world elite.
  4. RAYMONDA it will be. Just announced. http://www.kennedy-center.org/programs/newseason/?promotionno=200592
  5. Thank you very much,maps. Do you know if Lincoln Center in NYC does Open Rehearsals in general and for the forthcoming Mikhailovski ballet tour in particular, please?
  6. danc1988,Are any tickets still on sale, please? How do I get the standing or any other place at this time? Happen to be NYC now and dying to see Bolshoi.
  7. Thank you pbl. I was away for few days and my kid erased voice messages. Can you kindly call again?
  8. The code they posted in the email (LCFREE) was wrong. The correct one is LCFFREE (double F). I got it when I called them. They said they will send a corrected email. Obviously they did not.
  9. I am very much interested in June 27. Can't make it for 20th due to another commitment.
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