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  1. Thanks for sharing this news, sandik. I never tire of watching that video, or Carrie Imler dancing in anything, and will miss her. Sigh... I sure hope we get to see 32 more of those fouettes in the season encore.
  2. Dang about the tickets (and fees), although an official box office printed ticket is a nicer keepsake than the print-at-home variety. Ah, very sound advice about test-driving... Probably best to do for every version with that option before springing for tickets and travel.
  3. Good to know about these are recommended as well - thanks! Oh, how wonderful to have so many choices. I haven't much thought about aiming for specific casts yet. (The swan corps is the biggest draw for me so far.)
  4. Thanks for these details! At some point I do hope to see ABT's, Balanchine's and even Peter Martins's (if only to see Sara Mearns as Odette/Odile, based on what I've read about her), and will keep an eye out for the Messerer as well. The La Scala helpful hints are much appreciated! I've marked my calendar for the when tickets go on sale and will try to make this happen next year. Good to know the mail-only option delivered quickly... Not having another option may well have scared me away. (Does La Scala have a print-at-home ticket option? I guess I'll find that out on May 5.)
  5. Oh my gosh, your evocative descriptions of the lakeside scenes in the Mariinsky production are so compelling, Drew and Birdsall. I very much look forward to experiencing hopefully most of the recommendations here in the years to come. --with gratitude to all from a newbie balletomane with so much to learn
  6. Thank you for the heads up, Jayne! I was hoping someone would recommend a London production, and look forward to learning more as news on it unfolds. ... adding Wheeldon to my list as well. Thanks, sandik! Wow, that's a great endorsement for ABT. I was wondering if any of the Russian productions would be recommended. Much appreciated, cubanmiamiboy! Thank you, naomikage... I will definitely wait for National Ballet of Canada to replace theirs, and seek out the Neumeier. And thanks for the tip about the Bourmeister DVD. With all of this collective knowledge, I wonder if there is a compendium somewhere (perhaps within the forums here and I didn't look hard enough?) with basic production info and impressions/opinions of all the current Swan Lakes... If not, and if it might be useful, I volunteer to help set up a matrix or something like that if anyone else would be interested (since I'll be doing this offline for my own travel dream purposes anyway).
  7. Gosh, thanks all! Your impressions of the different cities are appreciated, too. volcanohunter, I was actually wondering about the National Ballet of Canada production, so it's helpful to know it's not recommended. Poking around on the forums here yesterday - what a wealth of info! - I stumbled on a review that served as a similar warning. Alrighty, I've added the Ratmansky to my wish list (and appreciate the Milan tips and touring heads up, aurora, Amy and silvermash) along with the Cranko (and I'd be game for the Neumeier even if not exactly traditional - thanks kbarber for all the helpful info on the Tours en l'air site as well... I'm going to start saving and hope the stars will align with the Cranko and/or Neumeier in one of your wonderful sounding holiday tours in a future year.).
  8. What productions of Swan Lake would you recommend traveling to see? I've started making Swan Lake a focus of vacation travel, but having limited resources to spend on travel am wondering which productions to make a priority, particularly those with relatively traditional 2nd and 4th acts. I love Kent Stowell's production at PNB (especially the ending), and also enjoyed Helgi Tomasson's production in San Francisco. Paris is next on my list. Where would you recommend going? Thanks in advance for any recommendations.
  9. A bit off topic (but may be of interest to Millepied fans in Seattle): Reset, the new documentary on Millepied, will be screened in Seattle on Oct. 3, 7:30 pm, as part of the French Cinema Now festival at SIFF Cinema Uptown, just a few blocks west of McCaw Hall. Peter Boal will be introducing the film. Here's a link for more information and tickets: http://www.siff.net/cinema/film-festivals/french-cinema-now-2016/reset
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