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Chung, Van Patten, Rhodes, and Lind Marry (Other People) This Season

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I won't post the link, but Ms. Chung and Mr. Flaherty have an online registery that includes some entertaining items:

three nights at Glen Oaks, Big Sur

lunch at Taqueria Santa Cruz
Gift Fulfilled!

lunch at The San Benito Deli
Gift Fulfilled!

new surf board

room service...

They were married at a great spot - St. Hilary's Church in Tiburon (Marin county)

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Aww, what fun news to hear. Always makes me smile.

Helene, that link didn't work for me; it led me to an advertisement page. (It happened on another page/link too. Now I see that SFB allowed their domain to expire on 7/9. Yikes, that's a whoopsie! Hope they address that fast.)

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