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National Punctuation Day

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This is fabulous -- thank you so much for the link!

While I like to write,

Punctuation is a drag.

That’s for editors.

I am still giggling.

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Marvelous indeed. It's especially nice to see the semi-colon given a little recognition.

Shy semi colon.

Oft ignored; misunderstood.

Linker of our thoughts.

I wish the typeface used by Ballet Talk allowed for truly legible exclamation marks. The " ! " looks like an ordinary vertical line; one needs a magnifying glass to see the dot. No wonder so many of us are driven to over-using emoticons like :smilie_mondieu:, :yahoo: and :jawdrop: .

Exclamation mark!

A way of shouting softly,

Without brash pictures.

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Oh how I wish whoever codified English punctuation way back whenever had thought to appropriate the fabulous upside-down question marks and exclamation points Spanish speakers use! ¿Are they overkill? ¡Surely not!

(Alas, they are not very elegantly rendered in Invisionzone's standard fonts, with the perhaps unfortunate exception of comic sans...)

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The more the better, I say.

I like this one:

Raised by two parens

I’ve been bracketed since youth.

I’m an inside job.

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