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  1. Dancer - Sergei Polunin documentary

    Thanks sz, didn't realise it was already released!
  2. Dancer - Sergei Polunin documentary

    Does anyone know if there is likely to be a DVD release?
  3. Luminous is wonderful- and heavy! Great idea on that extra suitcase. I look forward to hearing about which bookstores to shop at via your friend- I'm spending a weekend in Sydney with my sister in a couple of months and have a day free for shopping while she's at work. This could get dangerous! ;)
  4. I rarely get to see the Australian Ballet these days (moved to Brisbane and they rarely tour here and I haven't spent much time in Syd/Melb in recent years) but the tiny Amber Scott is really lovely, you should see her if you can. However, Aus ballet website says casting is only available one hour before show, so chance of getting a good ticket is unfortunately greatly diminished if you have to wait until then! Unfortunately I have no idea on the bookstores- I've bought nearly all of my ballet books overseas. Hope you find something, and have a wonderful time in Sydney
  5. I saw on the Mariinsky Ballet Facebook page that Kondaurova was on holidays for the rest of the season.
  6. Mariinsky Class live stream

    Thank you! Watched the Mariinsky live for my evening entertainment last night. It was wonderful!
  7. “Who is to dance at Mariinsky?”

    The woman is Natalia Zozulina.
  8. “Who is to dance at Mariinsky?”

    I was particularly sorry to hear of Vasnetsova leaving. Did she join another company?
  9. I'm in Brisbane, Australia which is a large city with good internet. I'm about to attempt Episode 6 so keep your fingers crossed
  10. I'm using Chrome. It does pre-load, but it still plays as terribly as it does when not pre-loaded. Strange! I will attempt another browser for next week's episode and hopefully that will help. Thank you for your assistance!
  11. I tried, it won't pre-load. Might sneak in an after-work session to see if it's my home connection or just the country I live in!
  12. Is anyone else having trouble streaming this series? Mine stops every few seconds and it's driving me crazy... don't have this problem with anything else!
  13. I'm really enjoying this series. It's such a nice change from the drama of Breaking Pointe and even the show about the Royal NZ Ballet. Looking forward to the next episode!
  14. Skorik

    There is plenty of video evidence of Skorik doing plenty of successful fouettes.