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  1. Mariinsky in London 2017

    Thanks Bart! well Matvienko is not Vaganova trained so that explains it all, she really is grumpy but I would rather see her than certain Mariinsky "Primas".... Hope you enjoyed Stonehenge, it's a place everyone must visit! I've been there for the winter solstice sunset and it's amazing!
  2. Mariinsky in London 2017

    You're right Mashinka, I got confused, Osmolkina danced at the ROH only a month after her overdue Mariinsky debut (she replaced Roberta Marquez and danced with the very lovely Ivan Putrov)
  3. Mariinsky in London 2017

    Thank you MadameP and Mashinka for your reviews!! Covent Graden does love Osmolkina and Osmolkina does love performing there, she had her O/O debut in CG after all, so very happy to read about her triumph, what a cast you got! sweet golden boy Latypov (he is a little too young and would be perfect for the PDT, I would have expected Osmolkina to be Partnered by Styopin but nice to know Latypov was up to the challenge) Styopin in the PDT, Zverev as Von Rothbart and should-have-been-a-principal Ostreikovskaya leading the corps, pretty much my dream cast!!!
  4. Xander Parish promoted to principal

    An insult to all the remarkable Vaganova men who have been waiting to be finally promoted. Parish a principal over Vaganova old school/able to do it all Sergeyev? superstar of supertars Yermakov? and best classicist in the company Styopin? HA! I think not.
  5. Mariinsky in London 2017

    Birdsall you're so lucky to able to see Madame Osmolkina!!! in my opinion the best ballerina in the world, she's the only ballerina on earth with the same qualities as Dame Margot Fonteyn, her purity of dancing is truly miracoulous to watch, a true exponent of the REAL Vaganova tradition, unlike Teryoskina and Kondaurova......Who's gonna be partering her?
  6. POB dancers in Linc Ctr Festival's Jewels

    Hi Rosalie, nice to see someone like my comments, I know most people get either scared or annoyed to death by my overly passionate comments lol, if I'm brutal and negative it's because I love academic classical ballet too much and it causes me pain to see it performed wrongly. Some of those names aren't big and some are in fact big names but not big dancers, I see the great Madame Maurin was not included...but anyway my reply to your question would be off topic in this thread so check your inbox to read the longest p.m in the history of BA
  7. POB dancers in Linc Ctr Festival's Jewels

    Balanchine???? Tallchief who? Verdy????Robbins??? Forsythe??? LOL NO Lifar and Nureyev only (Nureyev being performed once a year now and Lifar, well, aparently the ony work by Lifar known by the company's managment for the last 20 years is Suite en Blanc, that is performed only in galas, but Lifar is almost long lost.) AMEN But in general yes, Paris in more keen to Robbins hehe Yes. It's not a matter of quantity, That audiences continue to come to the ballet at all, under circumstances of near-zero choreographic excitement, is proof nonetheless of the remarkable commitment of the French crowd, no other crowd would cope with the rubbish programming of the Opera for the last 10,20,30,70.....95 years........ people LOVE classical ballet in France, the DECLINE is in the (lack of) quality of training, but the amount of applicants is still very high altought if I had children I would be nervous because since most provincial companies have become modern dance companies. there aren't as much opportunities for dancers so a kid must be top graduate to have a chance to be seen by the Opera's managment and maybe MAYBE be oferred a contract, if that doesnt happen, well good luck, if the graduate wants to dance contemporary there are plenty of choices but if it is a classicist there are barely any options, where to go? Bordeaux? a moribund company where the top jobs are always given to outsiders (and not good ones which is even sadder) Toulouse? where is the same case as in Bordeaux? and please let's not talk about Marseille.... The entire system is infected.
  8. Mariinsky in London 2017

    Nadia and Stepin seem to be getting casted together most of the time, a (young) good partnership at least!
  9. I hate how in 2017 US citizens still use the "black people/ white people" distinction but alright let me use it, first of all, not all "white people" are the same and maybe in the United States the audience needs to see "black people" on stage to say "Look there is diversity" therefore taking for granted that any ensamble with no "black people" lacks diversity.....ERROR. No, the Bolshoi is not #SoWhite, there are Georgians, Kazaks, Armenians, Uzbeks, Ukrainians and Belorussians in the company, and there are dancers from all over Russia, there are Tartars, there are Osetians, a full rainbow of ethnias there is at the Bolshoi, not in every country diversity means having "black people", in many countries is much more than that,Russia being one of those, the Bolshoi has too many problems but #BolshoiSoWhite is not one of them, it couldn't be possible when the ballet company is directed by Vaziev, who is an Osethian himself. Apologies for my poor english.
  10. POB dancers in Linc Ctr Festival's Jewels

    I actually wasn't able to hold some tears while reading your question, Jayne... It would require to drop the awful pastiche of a method that is being passed down in the Academy now, It would require to go back to the REAL French ballet method of dancing, It would require a true balletic encyclopedia, a true classicist...in short someone with the capacities to run the school properly, to take over. it would require a goverment that cared about it, but the ones in charge really don't care about who they appoint, that's the problem in France, everyone brags about "the tradition" when actually they don't know heck about the tradition, à plaurer Hi, Karen, you pretty much got it all right, Park and O'Neil aren't French trained so obviously their dancing is completely different to those of the POB educated girls, my problem with outsiders in the company is that it makes the ensamble lose its homogeneity. They are part of the company and they see how everyone else dances but they're never going to dance like a French girl. They have a different training, its like having a non Vaganova graduate at the Mariinsky, you notice the difference right away, same here, it's a different training, a different placement, a different technique, a different way of breathing on stage, the differences are too huge. Because they are and to be honest I also don't see understand what's the point of allowing outsiders to join the company when POB has the oldest and most illustrious academy on earth, if the company is going to do a casting open to everybody then why keep the academy? What makes POB, RDB and Mariinsky special is the training of it's dancers and the homogeneity of their ensamble, without those things then the companies are just a name, and in the case of POB, the mother of all companies, seeing how the French ballet tradition is being sacrificed thanks to the ignorance of the people in command, thanks to globalization and in order to be "politically correct" it's desperately annoying, it's also a practical thing, I don't understand why a company with such an enormous academy has to bother doing an open casting to outsiders instead of allowing more POB graduates into the company, but that's another topic and I'm rambling.
  11. POB dancers in Linc Ctr Festival's Jewels

    I told you so........ Yes.
  12. POB dancers in Linc Ctr Festival's Jewels

    We can open a topic to talk aout Alu or you can pm me, but this was supposed to be his moment, despite the war with the managment he was going to be taken on tour and this was his chance to dazzle the "americains" and then he got injured, that's too bad luck, if the greatest dancer of his generation (Thilbaut) didn't got promoted then Alu has no chance of being promoted with this managment, he would eventually leave POB for antoher company or leave the company to start his won dance project(wich he has already done because, you know, a dancer needs more than one ocasional Mercutio every now and then)
  13. POB dancers in Linc Ctr Festival's Jewels

    Should not be a surprise, the POB academy has been going downhill for the last 30 years, and the last 10 have been truly dreadful, the dancers do not represent the French tradition anymore and it gets worst every year, this year's class is a tragedy, there are always one or two miracles coming out of the academy but the last two miracles I saw came out of the 2001 class, that was 16 years ago. There seems to be an epidemy because the Royal Danish and the Vaganova academy are in the same situation (although the problem at Vaganova is more of overwhelming hypertextension and poor poor poor placement, the Royal Danish has many problems but POB is doomed in every area) Not true, Park and O'Neil are outsiders, not POB trained, not even French trained, so no, not all are "representatives of the French style" not even most French are representative of the French style (but still you can tell the difference between a french dancer and one who isnt) Lol no, Pujol is retiring soon but Ganio recently just turned 33, he was promoted sooo young it seems he's been an Étoile forever but his top years are just starting lol ? Letestu was an Étoile for more than a decade, and a very famous one, Ciaravola's promotion was based more on consolation than on merits, therefore she didn't have a farewell like Letestu's although Ciaravola had a bigger farewell than she deserved.
  14. POB dancers in Linc Ctr Festival's Jewels

    Ganio is the company's superstar, he's the senior male Étoile of the company but he's not the oldest, this is because he was promoted when he was only 20. IMO he's the best classical dancer in the world, and the only one in the company that does represent the French tradition, he has a sensibility that makes his mentor Monsieur Legris look deadpans. This is one of his signature roles. Pujol - as others have already posted, her Emeralds was recorded, she's a very beautiful lyrical dancer with the maturity you can expect of a dancer in the verge of retirement, her technique is poor now but not too poor. This is HER signature role. Ould-Braham: the best female Étoile in the company, a dancer as lyrical as it gets and by this I mean she is THE Sylphide, imagine a Sylphide dressed in green and now you know how he performance will be like, she's amazing BUT she usually messes up, a wrong foot here and there, very frustrating but she's amazing. This is one of her best roles. Heymann: elevation and petit allegro are his thing but he remains a very classical prince, he's very very musical too. He's paired with Ould-Braham, they're the only true partnership in the company. He was born to dance Emeralds. Gilbert: stiff, unmusical ugly dancer, I'm so sorry for the ones seeing her, she does NOT represent the French tradition AT ALL. She is debuting in the role, once again: I'm SO sorry for y'all. Marchand: recently promoted thanks to a pretty face, he's elegant and has presence but his technique is mediocre to say the least, has no artistry and what disturbs me the most: he has the upper body of a swimmer, I can't I can't and I can't, basically he's the male version of Gilbert but without being ugly. Doesn't represent the French tradition at all neither. Also debuting in the role. Louvet and Baulac: same as Marchand but in Louvet's case he doesn't have a pretty face to distract the audience, his hypertextension is worrying to say the least. Baulac is as pretty as it gets and more mediocre than Copeland. These two don't represent the French tradition either. They are debuting in Emeralds. Park and O'Neil are outsiders. I won't say more about those two, I don't wanna have a stroke. Alu: the company's only born show man, should be a principal but never will be, but anyway he's not dancing in NYC because he's injured. Fabien Revillion is his replacement in the pdt, he's ok. Moreau: OK dancer, pretty to look at, that's about it. Colasante: mediocre dancer. In conclusion: The 23 July performace is the one to attend, it has Ganio/Pujol - Ould-Braham/Heymann in Emeralds and Krysanova/LOPATIN in rubies!!!