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  1. I am no fan of Makhalov but the current management makes me miss him terribly, I really did not know about Dima's departure, Simkin and Kochetkova do NOT make it better for me either. Stuttgart, München and Berlin all in crisis.
  2. Gnossie

    Ratmansky's Paquita

    The choreography has not been destroyed, only the horrible El Cheapo set and costumes have. And if they weren't sold it's because no one wanted to buy them or maybe Zelensky couldn't care less. The Burlaka Nutcracker at the Mariinsky? Impossible, Yuri Fateyev hates reconstructions and the company already has 2 productions.
  3. What!? How could did this slip under my radar! Dmitry (Polina's talented and handsome older brother -and soloist with the Mariinsky until 2004) has left Berlin for Dresden!? OMG, just when I thought the situation couldn't get worse in Berlin!
  4. Gnossie

    Ratmansky's Paquita

    Those Paquita costumes aren't reconstructed ones and the sets are, as Natalia would say : "El Cheapo" style. Yaiks. Sad would be to see the reconstructed costumes from Burlaka's nutcracker production be destroyed, now THAT would be a loss. That being said, Igor Zelensky shouldn't be AD of any company, ever.
  5. Gnossie

    Petipa Gala

    Clearly, Makhar Vaziev has no problem with experienced/semi retired/ retired dancers as long as they're not Bolshoi legends, if you are a Bolshoi legend (and over 36 years of age) then you're blacklisted. The destruction of the muscovite tradition.
  6. http://www.artemovcharenko.com/en/ June 10, Coppelia with Rita Shrainer.
  7. It's on the BT website and also in Ovchareko's website.
  8. Gnossie

    Nureyev Production and News

    Nureyev to be performed on June 27 (with Ovcharenko as Rudolph)
  9. Gnossie

    The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    It was performed months ago (By the Monte-Carlo troupe) it makes Neumeier's Anna K look like a decent production.
  10. Gnossie

    Petipa Gala

    Ahhhhhhh, I hadn't understand it that way!
  11. Gnossie

    The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    Re Vaziev, obviously he is a poor innocent inexperienced AD with his hands tied, obviously he has no power, nope, it's not him the one cutting the careers of certain Bolshoi luminaries, it isn't him the one choosing the repertoire, it isn't him the one bringing nonsense like Malliot's La Belle to the Bolshoi, it certainly isn't him the one getting rid of Bolshoi ballet masters (Have fun in your dacha, Yuri Vladimirovich!) And it isn't him the one casting his unprepared protégés in leading roles every week, no it's not his choice, it's someone else's but not Vaziev's, of course.... Oh, but Filin was the devil himself! 😒
  12. Gnossie

    Petipa Gala

    I've never said that, just that I find amusing that Ratmansky only reconstructs things that have already been reconstructed (with only one exception) Here, I absolutely AGREE with you.
  13. Gnossie

    Petipa Gala

    Allow me to doubt it (your last paragraph) Moscow will have to wait until next year to have a proper celebration of Petipa, when the Ekaterinburg ballet brings Yuri Burlaka's wonderful recon of Harlequinade for next year's Golden Mask. (Recon made for Samara Ballet 4 years ago, because you know, there are people who don't go around "reconstructing" ballets that have already been reconstructed...)
  14. Ovcharenko and Shrainer will lead the cast of Coppelia for cinema broadcast. A disgrace.