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  1. The dancers playing children in the party scene were clearly students, not adults. Young teens. Long, very slender young teens. Our school, as a Russian emigree-owned school, puts on a Nutcracker that is Petipa-based, explaining the differences with the show I saw last night. This is so much fun to learn about, thanks all!
  2. I saw the Mariinsky Nutcracker broadcast last night. A few comments (and I am not a dancer): I immensely disliked the 3D presentation. It seemed to distort bodies and perspective on the stage so that dancers in the background looked bigger than dancers in the foreground. Most of the dancers in the foreground looked like those Baroque paintings of children- adults in shrunken skinny distortion. Was that an effect of the 3D? The corp were beautifully synchronized as I expect from the Russian companies... though I did notice many women had the hyperextended expression in tendu (am I even framing this correctly?) I expect it from Somova and thought she maintained more control than I've seen of her in the past. My daughters have been studying with Vaganova school-trained teachers and they teach an exquisite port-de-bras that I just did not see last night. Understanding Petipa preceeded Vaganova - were these arms a choice particularly for this choreography, or is this a new thing at the Mariinsky Ballet? If so, I feel like they've lost their heritage. I loved the staging, the expressiveness of the children, the dolls, the war scene and the costumes. I loved watching Gergiev conduct the orchestra. However, overall, it felt kinda flat. That could be because Nutcracker is our family's life this time of year.
  3. Thank you so much Juliet and rg- I appreciate your knowledge and your sharing of it. Juliet, you are not sounding dogmatic. And, yes, that is what I meant by sheath!
  4. How important is the color of the dress for the duet Pearls? What about style? I've seen versions performed in classical tutu and other versions in sheaths. Take into consideration that this is to be danced in local competitions and the dancers are not yet teenagers. We want to be faithful to the historical aesthetic, but think a pastel sheath would give it energy without a stage full of scenery and such. Will stand to be corrected! Thanks!
  5. Introducing myself

    Hello, At Ballet Alert, I have enjoyed reading about and learning better how to observe and appreciate ballet. As a result of my daughters' dancing- I have embraced ballet as an adult. I am here as a fan, an occasional student, a parent, a teacher at a performing arts high school, and now an administrator at an academy of Russian ballet in my area. Thank you!
  6. The Carmike theater in Champaign-Urbana (schedule here: http://www.carmike.com/ballet.aspx) shows the performances live (with one encore) and has the RB Giselle beginning at 1:30 PM CST and the Bolshoi Don Q at 10 AM EST. Thank you! So that means that January 23rd Bolshoi class performance and Giselle will probably start pretty early in the day when live. That will be a nice way to start a day.
  7. I wonder if anyone has been to see a live broadcast of ballet through the Emerging Pictures Ballet in Cinema program. The broadcasts feature outstanding European companies. I hope to organize a ballet academy "field trip" of sorts, but given the date of the live Bolshoi performance- the theater is not yet posting the presentation time or ticket prices. I feel silly asking, but is it correct to think the performance would begin around 8pm in Moscow, and I can judge start time here in Minnesota accordingly? Thanks!