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The new Mariinsky stage

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I will ask around, tonight!!

Right now, the site on which the new theater will be built (opposite the old Mariinsky, across the Kryukov Canal) is occupied by a bowling alley. Bowling -- especially something called çosmic bowling'with laser lights - is all the rage here. No, I have not tried it. ;)

I'm sure that the new theater will be an improvement on whatever goes on there.

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Don't worry, Odette. This is not a replacement but, rather, an additional theater, across the canal. Same as they did in Moscow - an additional stage right next-door to the old Bolshoi. Think of it this way: more venues means more nights of ballet (ballet and opera can play simultaneously)! :o

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I recently read an article in an Israeli daily which reported that the plans for the new theatre were frozen as a result of public uproar at the plans and that there would be a new tender - although they would try and decide a winner before the end of 2003. Wouldn't this also impact the internal design of the theatre?

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Oh major Mel, I like this word! EXECRABLE...wretched! I had to look it up, but it was worth it. I agree!

Thanks Jeannie for the interest at least to find out. Maybe they will build a stage like PO, where I hear it moves up and down, using the rake when needed. Evidently the POB does not dance on a rake.

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