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  1. Does anyone know if it will be released in the UK on DVD? I desperately want a copy!
  2. Hi I have just looked on amazon.co.uk and cannot find a DVD of 'The Company' listed-has it been released in the UK yet on DVD?
  3. Hi The program doesn't seem to want to let me email you! That would be amazingly kind-could you let me know how much you want for postage etc Thank you I am very grateful!
  4. Hi When was it shown, why did I miss it!! Is there any chance at all (down on knees and begging!) that I could have a copy too???
  5. I have also been told that they have a greater work ethic than we do (a generalised we I know!) It's also something my mother used to quote at me whilst I was practising (and still does if given half a chance!) Also 'you need some more backbone to put in the place of that wishbone!!!'
  6. Could there be a link on each of the new forums to get to the other one (if you see what I mean)-maybe there is one already and I'm being extremely stupid but otherwise I cliked the 'back' button which took me to a page which had expired so !had to re-open my browser and go to ballet alert all over again!! Thanks
  7. Thank you for your suggestions! How interesting that it was the first ballet you saw Alexandra! David Leonard at dancebooks.co.uk says that 'I am a dancer' is not in print and amazon says it's not available so......??? I will try the other one though! Meanwhile if any UK people (dare I say it.....) don't want there copy anymore-very unlikely I know or would be happy to lend it to me-I will treat it like gold then I would be very grateful-no-make that very very grateful!
  8. I know some people are sceptical about this work but I love it. I have never seen the Fonteyn/Nureyev (wasn't born when they were dancing much to my regret!) version but have seen sylvie and nicholas (le riche) at ROH several times (rehearsal and perf which was an honour!) I seem to remember that the F/N version is on a video of Nureyev called 'I am a dancer' (I think it's called that!) could someone possibly put me right on this and also any ideas about where to get hold of a copy-is it still 'in print' as it were?!! Thank you
  9. I have just discovered ebay!! Going to be tough to explain to my parents that I just 'had' to add to my collection-vital learning tool!! Poor student though and this enforced academia (injury woes) needs some higlights! However I live in the UK-but it is fairly hopeless in terms of especially ballet DVD's on ebay (small country!). I would be playing them on a UK DVD player or computer, do no US DVD's work on these machines. VEry bad at technology!! Also does ebay.com have a currency converter!! Or does anyone know of any other UK sites for cheap ballet DVDs or videos? Also what is the deal on putting videos onto DVD-presumeably you need a DVD writer-so will have to wait for the prices to drop but would like to know a bit about the technology. In the end I would aim to put my whole collection on DVDs as I live in fear of my videos breaking or dying on me!! Thanks
  10. I watched it last night having taped it, and firstly as usual the opera ballet balance was not even!! (not that I don't like opera) My main quibble however echoes I think a lot of people that yes there were technical faults, things that didn't come of quite right-but I felt that everything was far too safe. No risks were seemingly taken therefore the drama that should be in these showstoppers simply wasn't there. They pulled off the tricks but just 'look I can do this and this and this' not 'WOW sit up on the edge of your seat and look at me do THIS!!' Everyone has off nights and they dance a knackering schedule most of them but it was a very special gala whcih deserved and needed special dancing with fireworks!!!
  11. Anyone??? The amazon one seems to be unavailable and I can't find anything about london CDs to pester them about the other one-please help me someone!! thanks
  12. Thanks! Not sure how I missed this one!
  13. Thanks for the reassurance!! I would hate to think of such a lovely and very important thatre being abandoned!
  14. What is happening to the old theatre, how sad if it is being replaced before I have had a chance to go!
  15. Thanks so much! I will try to track the second one down-I did a search for the first-amazon.co.uk said it was unavailable at the moment-does anyone have any more information-or ideas about locating them?
  16. Does anyone know if a cd exists containing all or most of the great pas de deux? I would imagine that such a thing doesn't exist but I am asking in hope!
  17. Kitsker, may I ask where Gelsey taught you and was itn SI, masterclass or what? Does anyone know where she regularly teaches at the moment? Thanks
  18. Hi, Isn't it brilliant!! It was filmed during the Nutcracker run in December 2000. But the DVD wasn't released until later.
  19. Becky I have learnt most of the variations and have danced (performed) three of them, of those I think the 3rd is my favourite too! I definitely agree with the Aurora-like similarities. Have fun doing it, is it for a full-length sleeping beauty? Where do you study? Sorry to be nosy but being in England too, I am interested, is it RBS? Thanks at for the electricity story, I didn't know that-it would have helped when I did it, for some reason I never found that out!
  20. Odette


    Sylvia, thanks for your thoughts! I agree with you about Sylvie-wow! Although not a role I would care to dance!! Interesting that it wasn't created on a classical artist. I also felt that it was the best of the mixed bills so far.What bits of Macmillan make you cringe-you intrigue me!!! By the way, are you a ballet dancer/student yourself?
  21. There are some nice photos in the fashion section of the most recent sunday telegraph magazine featuring this year's 'ballet look'-we are all quite good at this one I think!!. I believe they feature a dancer who posts on this site, Amy Hadley. If this is you Amy, congratulations you look really nice and I bet it was fun too! xx
  22. Odette

    Alina Cojocaru

    I agree Sylvia, I love it too. Alina and Johan took my breath away, if only i could dance like that one day! I didn't want it to end! It was the first Tudor ballet that I had seen I think, have you seen any others? xx
  23. Why do I dance? Why do I live? For me life is dance. This may sound profound (or profoundly stupid!) but my life is dance, everyday I wake up happy (or nervous) because I have a class to go to. You cannot dance professionally unless life is like this every cell in your body has to want to dance. By the way I do have other interests and friends (lol) but ballet is too important to me too explain in words, although some days (very few) I wish that I was like poppiedancer and didn't have the stresses and strains of professional life.
  24. It is very difficult that this 'expected of all females today in ballet'-which indeed it is. Many dancers, myself included are flexible-probably more so than most non-dancers but we are not that flexible (re.picture) and I wish to still be dancing age 50 and not have had 3 hip replacements by then!! However in class, I notice most people attempting to attain this feat of developpe up to ear regardless of pain etc. I don't want to subject my body to this but it seems now the ideal required by top ballet companies is a cross between Margot Fonteyn and a contortionist. That is all very well if you fall into this category but if you don't does it mean that you will not be able to attain a high rank, I believe so, but sincerely hope not. Is it that audiences like to see the extremes, in the past I believe many great ballerinas had relatively low extension, yet still are regarded as great. In class people with relatively low extension are pulled up for destroying the line of the corps, but many of these are talented-are we to be locked in the back row because we can't or won't(even though it is a vocation) sacrifice our bodies in these extreme physical feats regardless of what else we can offer?
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