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Nijinsky film

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This is not about a film,but the real NIJINSKY.

In the corner in the shadows at the back of the

stage is a little man of unusual build,dressed

in a solf shirt and short pants.His behavior is

strange!! With arms outstretched he jumps,up and

down,without stopping,and always on the same

place.Then suddenly he will commence some fresh

mechanical movement.Standing on one leg he will

raise the other,moving it forward,sideward,and

backward.This operation he will repeat with one

leg,and so he goes on,first one leg and then the


This is Nijinsky at exercise.The perspiration

falls like hailstones from his pale,slightly

Mongolian face,and as you watch him going

through these movements with such exactness and

precision you are not quite certain whether you

are looking at a clockwork doll or a human being.

Behind the Scenes,The Metropolitan Opera House,

New York 1916

Prince Peter Lieven

"The Birth of the Ballet Russes"


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Nijinsky opens May 29, 2002 at the Film Forum (located at 209 W.

Houston, between 6th Ave & Varick) NYC call 212-727-8110 for showtimes.



Vaslav Nijinsky was one of the most celebrated dancer/choreographers

of the 20th century, and undisputedly the greatest male dancer of his

era - "the God of the dance." Yet at the height of his career - as

with many artists ahead of their time - Nijinsky's modernist works

fiercely divided the ballet world. His sensual performance as the faun

in L'Apres-midi d'un Faune provoked a full blown scandal when the

ballet was first presented in Paris in 1912 - both for its erotic

overtones and its radical departure from traditional ballet.

Paul Cox's "Nijinsky" is based on the diary Cahiers begun in 1919, in

which Nijinsky recorded his inner turmoil, writing feverishly day and

night. The diary presents a remarkably raw, dramatic, painful and

ecstatic inner world, as Nijinsky expresses his feelings profoundly,

deeply, richly and honestly.

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