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a movie called ballet?

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I know the fee sounds ridiculous, but Frederick Wiseman is an independent filmaker who has the unusual notion of distributing his films by himself. He regards his films as important educational and artistic material. He does not expect you to rent it for yourself. but for a school or civic group to which you would charge admission. This is a very old fashioned way of doing things which appears oddly out of step with today's downloadable cyber-world.

However, I think his "Ballet" is the best documentary ever made about ballet. If I had 20 friends willing to pay $5 I'd rent it.

But then again, I too, am oddly out of step.

Now if I can just find another 19 friends...

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Liljules5, this documentary was originally aired on PBS in the summer of 1995. I was lucky enough to tape it, (although it's not not a great copy, it's better than nothing!) It was quite LONG and took two vhs tapes to get it all. Hopefully PBS might air it from time to time.........:confused:

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