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  1. Karina dances for Tulsa Ballet which is a very Vaganova company. The company class at Tulsa is VERY Vaganova... I am surprised to hear that you find her to be Dolly-Dinkleish.
  2. Mr. Bujones is in my prayers as well. For those interested in a link Click here.
  3. Just wanted to mention that I got this book for Christmas and it is GREAT!! A must buy for ABT and NYCB fans!.....and others involved in any ballet! Great Pics and Great Interviews!!!!
  4. BALLET TO TANGO, LATIN & JAZZ October 15-17, 2004 Choreography: Fernando Bujones Music: Santana Orlando Ballet, Orlando’s only professional ballet company, opens its 31st season with a must-see repertory program that has something for everyone. Ballet To Tango, Latin & Jazz is an extravagant combination of dance styles all in one spectacular performance. This program displays Orlando Ballet’s versatility and the dancers’ ability to go to the edge in everything from a new classical ballet by Artistic Director Fernando Bujones, to a new world premiere with Tango compositions choreogr
  5. ABT will be performing in Dallas in November. from TITAS AMERICAN BALLET THEATRE November 16 & 17, 2004 Back in Dallas for the first time in over 30 years! Experience the passion, power and movement of one of the world's most revered and innovative dance companies. The full company of New York's American Ballet Theatre will electrify the McFarlin Auditorium stage, featuring such phenomenal talents as Jose Manuel Carreño, Irina Dvorovenko, Maxim Belotserkovsky, Nina Ananiashvili, Ethan Steifel, and many more. Since 1940, the American Ballet Theatre has performed in the greatest thea
  6. Just some sites I have bookmarked for ballet compeitions are: Youth America Grand Prix NY International Ballet Competition Prix De Lausanne USA International Ballet Compeition Some are not being held this year...but for future reference. Hope this helps you out!
  7. Thanks so much!! I was about to do a big order on Amazon for my birthday, but this site is cheaper, especially with the promotion!
  8. Thanks for your review balletbuddy! I agree with you, especially about those big headpieces Anderson wore!!
  9. I just returned from the 2004 TITAS Command Performance of International Ballet. It was a great evening! Here is my first ever review The first act opened with Jose Manuel Carreno (ABT) and Lorna Feijoo (Boston Ballet) in Adam's Giselle Pas De Deux (Act 2). It was well excecuted, although not my favorite. The two were very good, but that is one pas that I prefer to see in the whole ballet. I feel it loses some meaning without the scenery and the rest of the story to go along with it. Rhasta Thomas performed Roger C. Jeffrey's Last Kiss, a contemporary piece, next. Thomas's lines and
  10. Does anyone know which dance the "Greek Dance" is in Le Corsaire? If so, is it in ABT's version, or is it just in the Kirov version? Thanks!!
  11. I got the ABT calendar, it is very nice!!
  12. I am so glad to hear that Bridgett Zehr made the list!! She seems to be doing very well and I am so happy for her!!
  13. Thanks! That looks like it is going to be a competitive bid!
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