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Least Suitable Adaptations

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Paul, your Periodic Tables reminded me of something choreographed by Frank Schaufuss (Peter's Dad) in the 1950s: Fever. In which Fever, a male dancer clad in next to nothing, leads a corps of The White Blood Cells and The Red Blood Cells to try to recover from what I think was an unseen virus. (I've only seen photos, not the whole thing. It didn't last long.)

Not nearly as complex as yours, but one of the few scientific ballets I've ever heard of.

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How about Nicholas Nickleby- the 8 hour ballet??? :wink:

Newman Noggs-Peter Martins

Smike-Nilas Martins/Jonathan Stafford

Nicholas- Damian Woetzel/Jock Soto

Kate- Alexandra Ansanelli/Yvonne Borree

Madeleine Bray-Megan Fairchild/ Maria Kowroski/Ashley Bouder

Mrs. Squeers- Darcy Kistler/Kyra Nichols

Mr. Squeers-Peter Boal/Charles Askegard

We'd need lots of extras so SAB would be really busy!!!!

Clara :D

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