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Donald Byrd - AD appointment

Guest Hoyt

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Not sure whether it has been officially announced but it appears that Donald Byrd has accepted the post of artistic director of Spectrum Dance Theater in Seattle. It will be interesting to see how this company develops under his leadership... perhaps, away from Spectrum's more jazz dance focus.

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Thanks for that, and for Hoyt's and liebs' posts as well.

I'm confused, though. Does this mean there is no more Donald Byrd company? I thought that was one of the more successful dance troupes around. Or will the Byrd company merge with Spectrum?

I don't think of him as a jazz dance choreographer either. But categories don't mean very much these days :)

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I saw the exciting news about Donald Byrd coming to Seattle yesterday in the Seattle Times:

http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/arts...35_dance05.html Donald Byrd is a very impressive person with incredible knowledge of dance and a great vision. Seattle's lucky to be gaining such an asset for its dance community.

Didn't know you would have heard the news before our local papers, though. I am a Spectrum fan and couldn't agree more that categories don't mean much. Spectrum has performed several pieces that I would not classify as jazz, including works by Trey McIntyre and Dwight Rhoden, as well as others.

Spectrum performs this weekend at the Kirkland Performance Center. I wonder what kind of work the company will perform with Donald Byrd at the helm. :)

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