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Fake POB sites?

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On the official POB site ( http://www.opera-de-paris.fr )

there is a announcement about two other POB-related sites, warning that they are not officially authorized to sell POB tickets. I've just had a look at them.

One is:


It's a site for "Michael Cook's Ticketfinders International Ltd", selling tickets for various events. They warn that:

"Ticketfinders International are not regular ticket agents. Our prices reflect the cost of obtaining preferred seating and are based on supply, demand and seat location."

Well, indeed: they sell ballet tickets at about 180$, while the maximum price at the Paris Opera for ballet tickets is 67 euros, plus 3 euros for phone or Internet booking (one euro is about 0.98 US $).

The other site, http://www.parisopera.org/

looks *very much* like the official POB site, using the POB logo, the same presentation, the same texts, etc. It also has English, German, Japanese and Chinese versions, unlike the official POB site. But the prices in the booking section are far more expensive than the official prices: for Garnier, the top category of tickets is at 160 euros (for any kind of opera and ballet), while the real price is 109 euros for the operas, and is between 40 and 67 euros for ballets. And for the example on that site the price for 4th category seats is at 65 euros, while the real prices are 37 euros for opera, and between 13 and 19 euros for ballet.

Those sites sound like real robbery to me, especially the second one which might look very much like an official site to uninformed people! :)

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