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Custom Printed Ballet Checks

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Yes, I would be interested. I'll bet there's a desktop publishing software that can be used. Although the printer needs that special ink for the routing #.

Also, Ballet Dad 48, I believe you were involved with the late Clev/SJ Ballet School?

If you reach the magic # of 30 posts I would like to send you a Private Message. I have a question re a former instructor.



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Guest Ballet Dad


To alleviate confusion, it was me, 'Ballet Dad", not "Ballet Dad 48" who is familiar with CSJ Ballet.

Since it will most likely be a while until I have my 30 posts, feel free to e-mail at: TuitionForever@aol.com(11 years of ballet school - now four years of college!).

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Ballet Dad, we now have at least THREE practicing Ballet Fathers -- you'll have your 30 posts in no time. You're a veritable gang -- and welcome, all of you (Ballet Dad, Ballet Dad 48, and Watermill). We've had others in the past, but I don't think anyone else is actively posting. You all are VERY welcome in the Ballet Moms and Dads forum, I hope you know :D

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