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Graduation Ball

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There's an alternative -- a "classical pas de deux" (that's what was danced when the RDB took this into repertory; I don't know if it originated there. I've seen both).

Sorry, I don't know the reason for it -- maybe it was considered exotic at the time?

I'm sure someone will have a better answer :)

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Guest Pease-blossom

In the version that I am familiar with, the general falls asleep and the sylph is his dream. Anyone else know this version?

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In commenting on the ballet, Beaumont said it was:

"an ambitious attempt to revive the famous PDD from La Sylphide as it was danced by Taglioni....."

In the 1945 Ballet Theatre revival, Lichine omitted the Sylphide and created a classical PDD for Alonso (according to Chujoy).

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Glebb and Victoria--I still cherish my memories of the early Alonso.Although I still compare all Giselles to her, she was much more than 'Giselle'. She also performed the Italiabn Ballelrina in Tudor's 'Gala Performance' with hilarious results--her impeccable technique was dazzingly exagerated. Her 'Lizzie Borden' was a real c ontrast to Nora Kaye's--Alonso came across as a victim of her uncaring parents, whereas Kaye was the paranoid one--both wonderful interesting interpretations. One of her most interesting performances was in Tudor's 'Undertow" where she originated the role of 'Ate'--an erotic street urchin. I fondly remember her 'Bluebird'--she was every inch the classical ballerina in manner and technique--very unlike most I have seen in the role who usually come bouncing onto the stage in a flirtatious manner. Please forgive my typo errors---I should be out of the house by now.

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Thanks atm711!

I saw Alonzo dance live twice.

The first time, I sneaked into an ABT gala at NYST. Honestly, I folded up dollar bills to the size of a ticket and handed them to an usher and he let me go right in! I saw Baryshnikov and Kirkland with Nureyev in that gala too!

Alonzo danced the White Swan Pas for the gala, and the second time I saw her was again with ABT when she danced 'Carmen'.

Both of those performances were at the end of her career, though she looked great. I always wished to see her in 'Theme and Variations'. One of my early ballet teachers had danced for her in Cuba and worshipped her.

So when you have time and if you can think of any more experiences of viewing Alonzo, atm711, please tell. :)

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