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Tryouts: Episode 5: Mark Morris Dance Company

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ESPN+ is airing a series called "Tryouts," which features tryouts and auditions afor a different enterprise each week: Texas Smoke, a team in a women's professional softball league, life guards for a Long Beach California, Texas Tech's co-ed cheerleading squad, and, most recently 2023 auditions for the Mark Morris Dance Company.

ESPN+ is a subscription service, and, sadly, they don't have a 7-day free trial.  So it would cost $10.99 for a month to binge-watch the series and whatever sports-related programming they have.  The next two episodes, on USA Ultimate (frisbee) and the US Curling team, air this coming week and next.  Through my subscription, I learned there is a very popular sport and hotly contested sport called Cornhole, and Pickleball is also on their schedule.

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I watched two hours of it on ESPN+, and I did not learn a single thing from the announcers about how the scoring worked.  This video has been quite illuminating 😀.

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