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2024 Exhibition on the Ballets Russes at the Morgan

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We just got the following piece of correspondence:

I am a doctoral candidate at the CUNY Graduate Center and former Morgan fellowship recipient. I would like to alert the participants and organisers of Ballet Alert to a future exhibition that the Morgan will hold in the summer of 2024 on the Ballets Russes. The exhibition focuses on the less known contributions of Ida Rubinstein and Bronislava Nijinska, particularly their places as choreographers and patrons/creators or creator adjacent work in the Ballets Russes. The exhibition seeks to take part in the celebrations of Nijinska’s centenary, with her choreographic notations being part of the exhibit. I enclose a link to a blog post that I wrote for the Morgan describing my work as an assistant to Dr.Robinson McClellan, the curator of the exhibition. I hope it will be of interest to your website:



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Thanks so much, I'm really looking forward to it.  Though I must say, after reading her blog post, I hope she doesn't have too much to do with writing the captions! She starts off with 

On the one hand, the casings or trappings of ballet– the pointe shoes and tutus of the ballerina, the tights of the male dancers, the strict code of proscribed steps– serve as signifiers of an art form considered too niche or set in its ways to ever truly speak, freely and meaningfully, to an audience. 

And later, despite the fact that Diageliev did include parts of "Swan Lake" in some of his programs and that his "Sleeping Beauty" had such a major effect on 20th century ballet, she says

Diaghilev did away with the traditional tutus and tights, proving that ballet could meet the other artistic mediums head-on, surpassing them in expressive and theatrical terms.


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